Supabets increases Aviator max. Payout

7 October 2023 |

Aviator continues to be a real phenomena in the online gambling world and the interest in this crash casino game just keeps growing. To set themselves apart from many other SA betting sites that offer Aviator we have seen Hollywoodbets as well as Betway recently increase the maximum payout on Aviator to R10 Million and R3 Million respectively.

Now Supabets has also amended its max. payout on Aviator and increased it to R10 Million as well. Therefore Supabets is now on par with Hollywoodbets.

Going forward, as a Supabets player you now have the opportunity to soar to amazing heights of winnings with the recent enhancement of the maximum payout on Aviator to R10 million. Moreover the maximum 10 Million payout applies to each bet, meaning that with the option to place two Aviator bets simultaneously, you now stand the chance to win an astounding R20 million per flight!

Let’s have a look at the details and how you can fly high with Aviator at Supabets.

How to play Aviator at Supabets

The Aviator game offers players an immersive and heart-racing experience, It seamlessly combines the allure of high-stakes gambling with a captivating gaming interface. Immerse yourself in the intense suspense as you monitor the aircraft’s ascent, while thinking about the perfect moment to cash out before the aircraft inevitably flies off and hence crashes. With its simple yet adrenaline-inducing gameplay, Aviator has cemented its place as a top choice for players seeking an electrifying and potentially rewarding gaming experience.

Ready to embark on the Aviator adventure with Supabets? Then follow the below steps to start and aim for the max. payout of R10 Million.

  1. Create your Supabets Player Account of login to your existing one.
  2. Deposit Funds: as Aviator usually requires real money bets ensure that you have enough funds in your Supabets account. To deposit Supabets offers a range of secure and convenient payment options.
  3. Open Aviator to start betting. If you have never played Aviator before you might want to have a read though our Aviator game review. Moreover we recommend newbies to watch a few game rounds to get used to the gameplay mechanics and features. This increases your potential for a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience.
  4. Strategic Betting: Once you have a good understanding of the game’s mechanics, start placing your bets. You can either place 1 bet or 2 bets at the same go in one betting round. Strategic and fast thinking is necessary for successful betting. Our Aviator Game Tricks Guide might have some useful tips for you. That is to say, to hit the max. payout of R10 million while playing Aviator at Supabets you definitely need strong nerves and moreover a good portion of luck.
R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
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Win up to R10 Million on Aviator at Supabets

The recent increase of the maximum payout to R10 million has set the stage for an even more captivating and rewarding experience for Aviator player at Supabets. With its user-friendly interface and the promise of substantial winnings, Supabets is overall a premier choice for those seeking an exciting gaming experience with the potential for significant rewards.

Aside from an exceptional max. payout Supabets offers you also some great Aviator promotions. Play for example every Tuesday between 3-10pm for your chance to win your share of R200 000 in Freebets.

R50 + 100 free spins + deposit bonuses up to R5000
100% African-owned and run bookmaker with a wide and varied offering
  • Wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Slots, Instant & Live Games
  • Lots of special features


What is the max. payout on Aviator on Supabets?

In October 2023 Supabets increased the maximum payout on Spribe’s Aviator crash game to R10 million. As you can place 2 bets per gaming round you can even win up to R20 million in total.

Can I play Aviator on Supabets?

As one of the best SA betting sites Supabets also offers you Spribe’s Aviator crash game in its portfolio. In addition to Aviator you can also play other crash games the low-data Split the Pot titles.

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