Guinness Women’s Six Nations 2024

18 March 2024 |

Welcome to the exhilarating world of the Women’s Six Nations 2024, where the spirit of rugby ignites hearts and the battle for glory electrifies the field! Brace yourselves as we embark on the journey of the 23rd installment of the Women’s Six Nations Championship, known affectionately as the Guinness Women’s Six Nations for promotional fervor.

Get ready to witness the clash of titans as England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales converge on the rugby stage, ready to leave their mark on history. From the thunderous roar of the crowds to the thunderous tackles on the pitch, this tournament promises a spectacle like no other. March 23rd marks the grand kickoff, a date etched in the annals of rugby lore, culminating in the epic showdown on April 27th, 2024. So, gear up, rugby enthusiasts, as we prepare to be enthralled by the magic of the Women’s Guinness Six Nations 2024!

The Annals of Time

In the rugby realm, the Women’s Six Nations stands as a testament to the evolution of a sporting legacy that began as a humble Home Nations competition in 1996. Originating between the fierce rivals of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, this tournament gained monumental significance in 1999 with the inclusion of France. Thus transforming it into a five-nation spectacle. Also a pivotal moment arrived in 2001 when the landscape expanded further. They welcomed Spain into the fray but was replaced by Italy in 2007 and solidifying the Women’s Six Nations as a dynamic battlefield for the rugby prowess of France, England, Scotland, Italy, Wales, and Ireland. As we delve into the riveting narrative of the 2024 edition, the echoes of history resonate. Therefore encapsulating the spirit of camaraderie and competition that has defined this extraordinary journey.

The excitement surrounding the 2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations Championship is reaching new heights as the official fixtures have been unveiled. With a commitment to providing fans an unparalleled experience, Six Nations Rugby is ensuring extensive coverage across 157 territories. Therefore bolstered by host broadcast partnerships delivering comprehensive coverage in domestic markets. The upcoming championship, set to commence on March 23, 2024, promises a thrilling spectacle with France hosting Ireland and Wales welcoming Scotland in the initial rounds. England’s clash with Italy on Sunday, March 24th, will conclude the first round. Therefore setting the stage for a riveting tournament ahead.

Anticipation Heightens

As the 2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations takes center stage, the anticipation heightens for an exhilarating second round over the Easter weekend. This features the epic showdown between Wales and England. Round three launches with an electrifying encounter as Scotland plays host to England. Therefore setting the tone for a series of captivating matches. In the subsequent round, Scotland’s journey to face Italy paves the way for the eagerly awaited Super Saturday on April 27th. This ultimate round sees Wales facing Italy and Ireland taking on Scotland. And finally France playing host to England, culminating in a thrilling grand finale to wrap up the 2024 Championship.

2024 Women’s Six Nations fixtures

1st Round of Matches

  • Sat, March 23: France v Ireland (16:15pm, Stade Marie-Marvingt)
  • Sat, March 23: Wales v Scotland (18:45pm, Cardiff Arms Park)
  • Sun, March 24: Italy v England (17pm, Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi)

2nd Round of Matches

  • Sat, March 30: Scotland v France (16:15pm, Hive Stadium)
  • Sat, March 30: England v Wales (18:45pm, Ashton Gate)
  • Sun, March 31: Ireland v Italy (16pm, RDS Arena)

3rd Round of Matches

  • Sat, April 13: Scotland v England (15:15pm, Hive Stadium)
  • Sat, April 13: Ireland v Wales (17:45pm, Virgin Media Park)
  • Sun, April 14: France v Italy (13:30pm, Stade Jean Bouin)

4th Round of Matches

  • Sat, April 20: England v Ireland (15:15pm, Twickenham)
  • Sat, April 20: Italy v Scotland (17:45pm, Stadio Sergio Lanfranchi)
  • Sun, April 21: Wales v France (16:15pm, Cardiff Arms Park)

5th Round of Matches

  • Sat, April 27: Wales v Italy (13:15pm, Principality Stadium)
  • Sat, April 27: Ireland v Scotland (15:30pm, Kingspan Stadium)
  • Sat, April 27: France v England (17:45pm, Stade Chaban-Delmas)

Women’s Sports Gains

The upward trajectory of women’s sports gains a valuable ally in the Guinness Women’s Six Nations. Therefore positioned as a pivotal force in propelling the women’s game to new heights. Embracing its unique spot in the sporting calendar and supported by extensive broadcast coverage and the robust presence of Six Nations Rugby channels, the championship aims to connect with fans on every level. Noteworthy growth, with nearly a 100% increase in owned social channel followers and an astounding 445%.

Favorable teams Ireland and France with England a little way behind leaving Scotland Wales and Italy in the not so favorable category.
The Red Roses, widely expected to clinch their fifth consecutive Six Nations title. They aim to draw a record-breaking crowd as they face Ireland at Twickenham during the fourth round. Also have a look at the newest tournament to grace women’s rugby, the WXV: Revolutionising Women’s Rugby.

W6N Players to look out for

  • Marlie Packer – Red Roses: Marlie Packer, recently honored as the World Rugby Women’s 15s Player of the Year 2023, serves as a formidable presence in the Red Roses’ back row. Her robust defensive skills bolster England’s performance. While her attacking prowess positions her as the leading try-scorer in women’s test rugby for 2023.
  • Emily Scarratt – Red Roses: Emily Scarratt, a pivotal figure since her debut in 2008, continues to be a cornerstone of the England squad. With an impressive record of 8 Women’s Six Nations titles, including 6 Grand Slams! She has also led Team GB in the Olympics 7s and claimed the 2019 World Player of the Year title. Scarratt’s exceptional handling and kicking abilities, coupled with her leadership qualities, unify the team. Thus earning her numerous accolades as the top points scorer.
  • Gabrielle Vernier – France Women: Joining the French national squad in 2017, Gabrielle Vernier emerges as a skilled center and a standout performer on the global stage. Following a stellar performance in the 2023 Women’s Six Nations, she was rightfully named the Player of the Championship. Therefore showcasing her tenacity and attacking flair. Vernier’s dynamic play establishes her as one of the premier centers in the world! Thus making her a player to watch in future competitions.
  • Katelyn Vahaakolo – Black Ferns: Named the World Rugby Women’s 15s Breakthrough Player of the Year. Katelyn Vahaakolo has quickly made her mark in the New Zealand rugby scene since her debut in June 2023. With five tries to her name in international play, she earned recognition as the Breakthrough Player of the Year. Therefore signaling a promising future with the Black Ferns. Vahaakolo’s emergence promises exciting contributions to the team in the years ahead.

W6N – Conclusion

Looking ahead to the Women’s Guinness Six Nations 2024, anticipation mounts for more exhilarating matchups, outstanding performances, and memorable moments on the rugby field. As teams continue to vie for supremacy and showcase their skills, fans can expect the competition to intensify with each passing game. With the prospect of thrilling encounters, unexpected twists, and the crowning of a deserving champion. Furthermore Women’s Guinness Six Nations 2024 promises to deliver excitement and drama until the final whistle blows. As the tournament unfolds, it serves as a celebration of women’s rugby and a testament to the talent, dedication, and resilience of all those involved. Also have a look at our article ‘A momentous 2023 for Women’s Rugby‘, to see what was achieved last year in Women’s Rugby and to look to the future.

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