Guinness Six Nations 2024

1 February 2024 |

The Annual Guinness Six Nations Championship, an eagerly anticipated event in the world of rugby, is set to unfold in February 2024. This prestigious tournament, steeped in tradition, brings together six formidable teams. Namely England, Wales, France, Scotland, Italy, and Ireland, to compete in a series of exhilarating matches.

The championship serves as a platform for these nations to showcase their rugby prowess and vie for the coveted title. So let us have a more detailed look at the Guinness Six Nations 2024.

6 Nation Teams

England: Jamie George is the new England Captain and it is said that he and Coach Borthwick compliment each other very well. So with a Six Nations and a RWC under the belt, what will Borthwick bring to the table this year? We can only wait and see.

Ireland: Coach Farrell announced Peter O’Mahony as captain for the 6 Nations. Also with a number of other players making their debuts in green. Everyone is excited to see what the Irish will do this season.

France: The 1st match kicks off this Friday (2nd February) at the Orange Vélodrome in Marseille. Furthermore Grégory Alldritt is the new captain in place of Antoine Dupont. France is a strong favourite for the tournament.

Wales: Five uncapped players selected among the 19 forwards and 15 backs with new Captain Dafydd Jenkins. Coach Gatland is thinking ahead and giving the youngsters an opportunity to start their road to the next RWC.

Scotland: 4 uncapped players in the squad and Rory Darge is co-captain with Finn Russell. There is quite the change and surprise pickings but Gregor Townsend is working with a plan for sure.

Italy: Brothers Paolo and Alessandro Garbisi will start together against England, they have never started a test match together. New Italy head coach Gonzalo Quesada also added 5 new faces to the squad. So we can’t wait to see what this team will achieve.

Forms and Predictions

England, a perennial contender, is expected to bring a formidable squad to the competition. Furthermore the team’s performance in the Rugby World Cup 2023 has ignited discussions about their form and potential strategies for the upcoming Guinness Six Nations. Similarly, Wales, with their storied rugby history, will look to make a lasting impression, capitalizing on their strengths and addressing any areas of weakness identified post-World Cup.

France, a team known for its flair and unpredictability, is also anticipated to be a strong force in the tournament. Scotland, Italy, and Ireland, each armed with unique playing styles, will bring their A-game to the Six Nations, adding an element of excitement and unpredictability to the proceedings. Furthermore the post-World Cup period has provided these teams with valuable insights, and fans are eager to witness how they adapt and evolve in the quest for victory.

In the aftermath of the Rugby World Cup 2023, pundits and fans alike have been fervently speculating on the form and also potential outcomes for each of the Six Nations teams. Predictions, shrouded in uncertainty, have become the focal point of discussions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming championship. So as teams refine their strategies and adjust their rosters, the stage is set for a highly competitive and closely contested Six Nations.

Reflecting on History

Reflecting on the past five years, the Six Nations Championship has witnessed a rotation of champions, therefore showcasing the depth of talent and competitiveness among the participating teams. England, Ireland, and Wales have each secured the title during this period, contributing to the tournament’s reputation for unpredictability and excitement. The pursuit of excellence remains a driving force for all teams, setting the stage for another thrilling edition of the Guinness Six Nations in 2024.

6 Nations Fixtures

Here we list the full match list for your calendar:

  1. France vs Ireland (2 February)
  2. Italy vs England (3 February)
  3. Wales vs Scotland (3 February)
  4. Scotland vs France (10 February)
  5. England vs Wales (10 February)
  6. Ireland vs Italy (11 February)
  7. Ireland vs Wales (24 February)
  8. Scotland vs England (24 February)
  9. France vs Italy (25 February)
  10. Italy vs Scotland (9 March)
  11. England vs Ireland (9 March)
  12. Wales vs France (10 March)
  13. Wales vs Italy (16 March)
  14. Ireland vs Scotland (16 March)
  15. France vs England (16 March)

Women’s Six Nations 2024

In tandem with the men’s competition, the Women’s Guinness Six Nations 2024 promises to be a captivating showcase of skill and determination. The participating teams will vie for supremacy on the rugby field, demonstrating the growth and evolution of women’s rugby. As the women’s game continues to gain traction, the Six Nations serves as a pivotal platform to celebrate and elevate the sport’s profile. We cover this in more detail in our W6N 2024 article.

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Guinness Six Nations 2024 – Final Conclusion

In conclusion, the upcoming Annual Guinness Six Nations Championship in 2024 holds the promise of exhilarating rugby encounters, with each team poised to leave an indelible mark on the tournament. The post-World Cup reflections, coupled with the unpredictability of the past champions, set the stage for a riveting competition. For more sports events in February have a look at our February 2024 Sports Preview.

Whether it’s the well-established powerhouses or the rising forces, the Six Nations is sure to deliver rugby at its finest, captivating audiences around the globe. If you are new to the rugby betting scene have a look at The Six Nations Rugby Tournament Explained.

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