Comrades Marathon 2022

24 August 2022 |

Back after a 2 year absence! The Comrades Marathon is known as The Ultimate Human Race and has a very special place for most long-distance runners. It is an extraordinary run to qualify for and achieve. And for some this is done more than once!

In our own household both our parents ran the Comrades numerous times. Their club was one big happy family doing it every year either running or supporting. So this year the Comrades Marathon 2022 will take place on 28 August and it will be a “DOWN RUN”. This is the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon and will be 90km long. Therefore, it is definitely an epic event to have in the August 2022 Sport Preview.

Comrades History

On 24 May 1921 the Comrades was run for the first time. So to date over 300 000 runners have completed the race. Veteran Vic Clapham founded the race to commemorate the soldiers killed during the war. 1975 was a momentous year and marked The Golden Jubilee. The 50th running of this world classic long distance race.  

The 75th anniversary race in 2000 attracted 23 961 runners which was the largest number ever! Herewith some Comrades records:

  • Men Down Run: David Gatebe, South Africa, 5:18:19 in 2016
  • Men Up Run: Leonid Shvetsov, Russia, 5:24:49 in 2008
  • Women Down Run: Frith van der Merwe, South Africa, 5:54:49 in 1989
  • Women Up Run: Gerda Steyn, South Africa, 5:58:53 in 2019

So most wins so far have been Bruce Fordyce with 9 wins in total. Barry Holland has 47 medals which he achieved in 2019.

Route & Qualifying

The direction of the race alternates each year between the “UP RUN” (87km) starting from Durban. And the “DOWN RUN” (90km) starting from Pietermaritzburg. This year the Comrades Marathon 2022 is the “DOWN RUN” which starts at the City Hall in Pietermaritzburg. Then the race will finish at the Mabhida Stadium in Durban. The run is also marked by the “The Big Five” set of hills. And then the highest point of the race, which is 870m above sea level, near the Umlaas Road interchange.

During the race an athlete must also reach 5 cut off points in specified times to complete the race.  To qualify you must be over the age of 20. And have completed an official recognised marathon (42.2km) in under 5 hours. There are approximately 40 official refreshment stations along the route. Runners will also find about 8 physiotherapy and first aid stations are located at strategic points.  

Capped at 23 000 runners there are runners from all over the world who come to participate. There has been increased participation since the 1980’s. Thus the average finish times, and age of finishers, for both genders have increased extensively.

Rules for Comrades 2022

  • Athletes have 12 hours to complete the course.
  • There are cut off points that need to be reached by a prescribed time or you will be forced to retire from the race.
  • Runners who successfully completed 9 marathons wear yellow numbers.
  • Runners who have completed ten races wear a green number.
  • 20th, 30th and 40th races respectively are also indicated by yellow numbers but with different formats.

Green Number

The Comrades Marathon Green Number has a lot of prestige associated with it. There is a criteria for inclusion for the Green Number Club Roll of Honour. You must either have 3 wins, 5 golds or 10 plus medals. The concept of the Green Numbers was introduced in 1972. Therefore the names recorded in this roll are of runners who have earned their Comrades Marathon number in continuity. They are members of an exclusive band of individuals who have experienced a special relationship with this great race. Goodluck to all the runners competing for that green number in the 2022 Comrades Marathon.

Hollywoodbets Sponsors

Hollywoodbets is going all the way this year with the Comrades Marathon! They are the proud and official sponsor of the 2022 Comrades Marathon race number. The race numbers worn by all the runners taking part provides vital information on each participant. Hollywoodbets is also the official sponsor of the race’s halfway mark at Drummond. Here the purple team will be out in their numbers supporting and handing out water to the runners. We have done a detailed Hollywoodbets review for you to look over and they have some great promotions to choose from.

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Comrades Fun Facts

  • “Celebrate mankind’s spirit over adversity” is one of the primary aims of the race.
  • The direction of the race alternates each year between the “up run” and the “down run”.
  • The Comrades Marathon is the worlds largest and oldest ultra-marathon.
  • These days the Comrades Marathon features runners from more than 60 countries

In conclusion, the spirit of the Comrades Marathon is embodied by the essence of camaraderie, perseverance, selflessness and dedication. So show your support to these incredible runners in the Comrades Marathon 2022.

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