Betway Win Boost

25 December 2023 |

Sports betting punters are always on the lookout for exciting promotions and features. With the increased popularity of accumulator betting more and more bookies offer a special multibet boost. This feature provides you with the opportunity to boost your winnings when adding 2 or more selections to your betslip.

Betway SA is an outstanding sports betting site and of course offers you a great accumulator bonus. Below we give you all the details about the Betway Win Boost.

Understanding the Win Boost

The Betway Win Boost is a special feature designed to reward users who engage in multi-bet wagering. Multibets, also known as accumulators, involve combining multiple individual bets into a single wager. While these multibets offer the possibility of higher potential payouts, they also come with increased risk, as all individual bets must win for the overall multibet to be successful.

The Betway Win Boost feature addresses this risk-reward dynamic by offering punters the opportunity to boost their winnings significantly. The mechanics are straightforward: the more selections you add to your multibet, the higher your potential Win Boost percentage becomes.

You can already start to benefit from the Betway Win Boost when adding 2 legs to you betslip. These legs need to have odds of at least 1.2 per selection. The more legs you add, the bigger your bonus boost can climb – up to 300%. The detailed Betway boost payout breakdown is as follows:

LegsWin Boost %

How the Betway Win Boost Works

  1. Login to Your Betway Account:
    Begin by logging into your Betway SA player account. If you don’t have one yet, you can register with Betway here.
  2. Select Your Bets:
    Begin by selecting the individual bets you want to include in your multibet. These can be from various sports, leagues, or events.
  3. Build Your Multibet:
    Combine your chosen bets into a multibet, creating a unique wager with enhanced potential returns.
  4. Check Your Win Boost:
    As you add selections to your multibet, the Betway platform will display the corresponding Win Boost percentage. The more selections you include, the higher your potential boost.
  5. Confirm and Place Your Bet:
    Once satisfied with your selections and the potential Win Boost, confirm your multibet and place your wager. If successful, your winnings will be boosted by the specified percentage.
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  • Increased Winnings:
    The primary benefit of the Win Boost feature is the potential for significantly higher winnings. This appeals to bettors seeking an extra edge and those looking to maximize their returns on multibet wagers.
  • Flexibility:
    Betway’s Win Boost is versatile and is applicable to a wide range of sports and events. Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport, the Win Boost adds excitement to your multibet experience.
  • Accessible to All Users:
    The Win Boost is not exclusive to high-stakes bettors. It caters to users with varying levels of experience and budget, allowing everyone to explore the advantages of boosted winnings.

Place your Sport Bets with Betway

Accumulators are increasingly popular, especially when betting on soccer. Many betting sites offer them but the Betway Win Boost is giving you one of the biggest possible win boost across all SA betting sites. You can already benefit from adding just 2 selections to your multi-bet betslip to then increase your winnings by potentially 2.5%. Overall you can add up to 40 legs to your accumulator to then boost your multi bet winnings by up to 300%. If you are lucky and you win your multibet then your winnings are paid as cash straight into your Betway player account.

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One of the world's leading bookmakers with an incredibly vast selection of sports and games.
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Betway’s Win Boost is a great feature for multibet punters, offering an enticing opportunity to enhance winnings in a user-friendly manner. So if you like the thrill of multibet wagering with the potential for substantial boosts then have a look at the Betway Win Boost feature. It could be your key to unlocking even greater excitement and moreover rewards. In addition Betway has a great range of other features (All Star Lineup) which can further enhance especially your soccer betting experience.


How does the Betway SA Win Boost work?

Betway offers its South African punters an additional percentage boost on their winnings for multi-bets that meet the specified criteria. The more selections included in a bet slip, the higher the potential boost to the final payout. Read Bet & Win’s Betway Win Boost article for more information.

Is the Win Boost automatically applied to qualifying bets?

Yes, Win Boosts are automatically visible on your Betway betslip. If you do not see a Win Boost, then you do not qualify.

Do boosted winnings come in the form of cash or bonuses?

The boosted winnings from the Win Boost are credited to your account as cash. This means that you can withdraw or use the additional winnings as you see fit without any wagering requirements.

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