10 Fun Facts about Boxing

2 February 2021 |

Boxing is a exciting and challenging sport enjoyed by many. It is a great confidence builder, it makes you strong, boosts your endurance and is just all round great for you mentally and physically. Boxing has a long and interesting history. In this article we give you 10 fun facts about boxing we thought you would find fascinating to read. Thankfully there are more boxing matches to look forward to this year.

Two-time heavyweight champion, George Foreman, has made more money selling his famous grills than for his boxing career. 

His nickname was “Big George” during his boxing career. His career spanned between 1969 & 1997. On top of being a former professional boxer and entrepreneur, he is a minister as well. 

Ali never refused an autograph 

To begin with Sugar Ray Robinson denied Muhammed Ali an autograph as a child. Ali was Robinson’s biggest fan saw him as his boxing idol. Thus when Ali became a professional boxing champ he never refused an autograph request. He even had a PO Box specifically for signature requests. Consequently he honored this throughout his career. 

Liam Neeson was an Irish boxer

Liam Neeson was an Irish amateur boxer up to the age of 17. Before he turned his talents to acting he was a forklift driver for Guinness.

Chess Boxing is an actual sport

There is a growing sport called Chess Boxing. Chess Boxing started in Berlin in 2003 and has just continued to grow from there. Therefore it has become very popular in South Africa, UK, Russia, France and Germany to name a few.  Chess boxing is a hybrid sport. It combines two traditional past times, boxing and chess. The rounds alternate between boxing and chess which makes the sport a physical and mental challenge. A win comes by means of checkmate, knockout or technical stoppage.

The origin of the phrase “pound for pound”.

The phrase was created by boxing writers to compare boxers irrespective of weight. This rating is also used in other combat sports such as wrestling and martial arts.

The ancient Greeks made boxing part of the Olympic games as early as 688 BC. 

Running, shot put, javelin, pankration (wrestling and boxing combined), long jump and equestrian events were all part of the ancient Greek Olympic games.  

Apollo is regarded as the inventor of boxing. 

During ancient Greek times boxing was not per round. Challengers fought until they surrendered or by mutual exhaustion. 

Youngest professional boxer ever

Wilfred Benitez is a former professional Puerto Rican boxer that was born in New York. Also he is the youngest world champion in boxing history. He turned pro at the age of 15 and had earned his first three career world titles in separate weight divisions at the age of 17. 

Longest boxing match in history 

Two Americans, Andy Bowen and Jack Burke, entered into the longest boxing match in history on 6 April 1893. The boxers fought for 110 rounds. The match started at 9pm and was terminated at 4am the next morning. In the end the match ended in a draw because both boxers were too exhausted to continue.

Boxing is known by a few names

The number 10 fun fact about boxing is also the different names boxing is also know as. Pugilism, prizefighting and ‘the sweet science’ are but some. It is a contact sport where the main aim is to punch your opponent with boxing gloves. You can win by knocking your opponent out or win by scoring the most points.

We have covered some of the most exciting boxing matches of 2020, have a look at Tyson vs Jones Jr. – the return of 2 boxing legends or Joshua Vs Pulev: a long time coming. And when the time comes for legends to meet again in 2021, beat your opponents to the punch and look at our best betting sites when you place your bets.

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