Tyson vs Jones Jr. – the return of 2 boxing legends

25 November 2020 |

On 28 November 2020 all eyes will be on the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Mike Tyson will enter the ring against Roy Jones Jr for a much-anticipated exhibition boxing fight. The fight was announced on 23 July 2020 and originally scheduled for September before being pushed back to November. For once COVID-19 was not the reason but rather the aim of the organisers to maximise event revenue.

So, what can we expect on 28 November or rather early morning on 29 November for us in South Africa? Let’s start with a little walk down memory lane and look at both opponents.


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson aka ‘Iron Mike’ is respected as one of the best heavyweight boxers of all time. He became a boxing legend after he became the youngest heavyweight world champion in boxing history in 1986. His career as well as his personal life have always been vicious and seen some ups and downs. He is one of a few boxers who managed to reclaim a heavyweight championship after losing it. At the same time there are also the moments Mike cannot be proud of, such as having a go at Holyfield’s ear or various off the ring escapades.

Tyson has retired in 2005 after his defeat to Kevin McBride. But soon after he announced that he would go on the Mike Tyson World Tour, a global tour of exhibition fights. After years of absence from the boxing world, in 2020 Mike himself started the rumour that he might possibly return to the ring. This is now becoming reality! Tyson, who is now 54 years old, looks in excellent shape. As always, he feels unstoppable and is full of self-confidence as he says about himself “I’m The Rock, I’m the Hulkster”.

Roy Jones Jr.

3 years younger than Tyson, Roy Levesa Jones Jr. only retired 2 years ago on a high note from professional boxing. He is a very versatile boxer who secured multiple championship titles in 4 weight classes. He is the only boxer so far who began his professional boxing career in light middleweight before moving on to win a heavyweight title. Jones Jr. is well known for his left hook. This might have brought him his nickname “Captain Hook” and also many of his wins. He won 66 out of 75 fights, 47 by knockout. Similar to Tyson he is vicious and we can expect nothing else than a real boxing thriller for Saturday night.

Tyson vs Jones Jr. – who to bet on in this boxing event

On Saturday/Sunday it is Tyson vs Jones Jr., the clash of legends. They dust of their gloves and return to the ring. There will be no judges in their eight-round exhibition heavyweight fight. Therefore, the only way to win is by stoppage, knockout or disqualification.

Currently Mike Tyson is the favourite with many former rivals and also with many bookies. Tyson has always been fighting heavyweight and is determined to win. Jones Jr. on the other hand has the advantage that his retirement was only 2 years ago. But as a natural middleweight boxer, heavyweight is not his biggest strength.

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The interest in the Tyson vs Jones Jr fight is definitely immense. This boxing event has already broken records with record-breaking pre-fight PPV (Pay-per-view) sales. Therefore, it is going to be one of the most watched live streamed sport events and we can’t wait for the event to kick off.

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