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Mega Wheel Game Review

More and more games are developed around the well-known Wheel of Fortune mechanic. You might have played Evolution’s Dreamcatcher and Crazy Time, Golden Race’s Spin2Win or Betgames Wheel of Fortune. The latest addition to spin the wheel live games is Pragmatic Play’s Mega Wheel. This game is their first game show title while other live games are already available. Let us have a look at what makes Mega Wheel exciting and if it is worth giving it a spin.

Where to Play

We recommend giving Mega Wheel a go and you can currently play it at the below sites:

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  • iOS and Android app

How to Play Mega Wheel

Numbers & wheel segments

The Mega Wheel is dived into 54 segments in different colours with the following 9 numbers: 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 40.
The numbers split across segments is as follows:

  • 1 appears 20 times with a payout of 1:1
  • 2 appears 13 times with a payout of 2:1
  • 5 appears 7 times with a payout of 5:1
  • 8 appears 4 times with a payout of 8:1
  • 10 appears 4 times with a payout of 10:1
  • 15 appears 2 times with a payout of 15:1
  • 20 appears 2 times with a payout of 20:1
  • 30 appears 1 time with a payout of 30:1
  • 40 appears 1 times with a payout of 40:1

If you for example bet R20 on number 8 and the wheel stops on this segment you will get you bet multiplied x8 which results in a R160 payout for you (R20 x8 = R160).

Different numbers are available more often than others on the wheel which is also reflected in the respective payouts. Therefore, the less frequent numbers 30 and 40 pay out the most.


Mega Wheel offers multipliers up to 500 times. While this is the maximum in reality the multipliers are different for the various number segments:

  • Number 1 has a maximum multiplier of 100x
  • 2 has a multiplier of max. 200x
  • Numbers 5, 8 and 10 have max. multipliers of 250x
  • 15, 20, 30 and 40 have the biggest maximum multiplier of 500x

Betting options

Playing Mega Wheel is very easy, and betting is straightforward.
The aim of the game is to predict the number of the segment the wheel is going to stop after spinning. You have 15 seconds to place your bet(s) in between spins.

In total you have 9 betting options available: you can bet on any of the 9 single numbers, pick more than just one number or or bet on all numbers. With ‘Bet on All’ you cover all 9 possible bets with just 1 click.

Does Mega Wheel sound so far very familiar? It is pretty close to Dreamcatcher but has one special extra: With every spin and every round one number on the wheel is randomly selected to be the Mega Lucky Number. This multiplier can boost your winnings up to 500 time your bet value.


Mega Wheel promises an immersive live casino experience with well-known features:

  • Available 24/ 7
  • Hosted by a team of presenters who are very entertaining.
  • Via live chat you can interact with the hosts but also other players.
  • Numerous 4k cameras are used in studios to transfer the experience onto your device
  • Perfect gameplay across all devices. Pragmatic Plays prides itself in developing games with a special focus on mobile friendliness. Therefore, Mega Ball works well across all your mobile devices, from Android smartphones to iOS tablets.
  • Autoplay for an even faster betting experience
  • Advanced bet validation
  • Detailed bet history to track results
  • Mega Wins and Mega Multipliers


What is Mega Wheel?

Mega Wheel is the first game show live casino game title by Pragmatic Play.

How can I bet on Mega Wheel?

Betting on the Mega Wheel live game is quite straightforward. You can place bets on the 9 single numbers on the wheel (1, 2, 5 ,8 ,10, 15, 20, 30 and 40), place bets on multiple numbers or bet on all numbers in one go. You have 15 seconds to place your bets before the live presenters spin the wheel.

What is the minimum and maximum bet on Mega Wheel?

Minimum and maximum bets are set on operator level and can differ from betting site to betting site. Bets usually start at R1. Please check the pay table of your selected betting site before placing your bets.

How can I win while betting on the Mega Wheel?

Mega Wheel is a game of chance so giving strategy suggestions is challenging. We have but some strategies that you can follow into our full Mega Wheel review.

Mega Wheel live game show studio
Mega Wheel live game show presenter
Mega Wheel live game show multiplier

Mega Wheel Strategy

Mega Wheel is a game of chance with an RTP of 96.50 which is pretty average. For looking into potential strategies, we need to look into win probabilities.

NrTimes on WheelMultiplierChance of Win
Mega Wheel Payouts and Probabilities

Here are some strategies that could bring you a win:

  • Bet on all numbers is a good but quite risky bet and only pays back if you get a multiplier within the first few spins.
  • The numbers 2 and 5 have the highest probability for returning a profit. Betting on these while hoping for a multiplier could work.
  • Cover at least half of the wheel by placing multiple number (mix of number 1,2 10 and 20) bets while considering multipliers and probabilities.

As with every game of chance you always need to keep in mind:

  • Start small, this is a new game and you want to enjoy it
  • Check the paytable; every bookmaker can set minimum and maximum bet amounts and payouts as they wish. So, make sure you know what you can bet and most importantly what you can win
  • Choose a trusted, reliable operators. Live casino games are legal to play in South Africa as long you play at a fully licensed betting site.

Mega Wheel – Game Review Summary

Game show content are a popular theme in Live Casino games. Evolution Live Games are on the forefront and have set the benchmark. Mega Wheel is the first venture by Pragmatic Play into game show content. But they are not new to the world of live games and already have others, such as Roulette, Mega Sic Bo, Blackjack and Auto Roulette, available in their live casino games range.

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