Live Mega Ball game review

Mega Ball Game Review

Combining elements of lottery and bingo, Mega Ball is an exclusive and very impressive online game produced by Evolution. Although the game mechanic resembles a bingo game, the ball drawing mechanism more closely matches that of a lottery. In fact this game claims to be neither. Available to play at several licensed online betting sites in SA, the game appeals to bingo and lottery enthusiasts alike. As part of Evolution’s live casino game show series, it features a live dealer and delivers endless entertainment indeed.

And just like other live casino game shows, Mega Ball is also incredibly simple to play. The objective is to complete lines on allocated cards, with a chance of winning a payout up to 1,000,000x! Of course that doesn’t happen all the time. But you have far better chances of winning in this game compared to a standard lottery. Additionally, game rounds are swift, yet the game delivers sufficient anticipation to please a broad range of entertainment seekers.

Where can I play live Mega Ball?

Mega Ball is available to play at a growing number of online betting sites in South Africa. You can however also try the game using a no deposit sign up bonus from one of the following bookies.

R30 FREE Sign-up Bonus
R50 FREE Sign-up Bonus
R25 FREE Sign-Up Bonus

How to play

Each Mega Ball game round starts with players setting the stake value and choosing the number of cards to play. From 1 up to 200 cards can be played per game round specifically. Cards are randomly generated, each consisting of 24 numbers, ranging 1 to 51 and arranged in a 5×5 layout. Whereas the middle position on each card is free and completes any line passing through it. Winning lines can be horizontal, vertical, also diagonal and are made up of 5 numbers. Finally, each card can have up to 9 winning lines.

Base game

First set your desired stake and select up to 200 cards to play in the game round. Once you have chosen a bundle, you can still add more cards and also change the stake for all cards. Additionally, while betting is open you can regenerate any card by selecting it and clicking the ‘Refresh Numbers’ button.

Betting then closes and the ball drawing mechanism starts the draw. From here on out, you really don’t have to do much more than just watch the game unfold. And maybe, also cross those fingers. 20 balls are then drawn from a total of 51 and the anticipation builds. Ball numbers matching those on your cards are automatically marked off as they are drawn, keep watching. Additionally, as winning lines are formed on your cards, corresponding winning amounts are updated below each card. And as numbers are marked off, the cards with the greatest winning potential are moved to the top. Numbers still to be drawn that would complete a winning line are also indicated.

Mega Ball bonus

Adding one more touch of excitement, each game round concludes with the Mega Ball bonus draw. One or two bonus rounds are possible and follows the initial 20 balls being drawn. This then determines your final winning amount for the game round by including additional multipliers. Before the bonus ball being drawn the multiplier value, ranging from 5x to 100x is randomly determined. A ball is now drawn to set the associated number. With the Mega Ball completing any line on a card, the payout value for that card increases by the multiplier.

Mega Ball payouts

Payouts in live Mega Ball are based on the number of winning lines completed per card. The following payouts are the standard values, without the bonus multiplier included.

  • 1 winning line and you receive the value of your stake back
  • 2 winning lines paying a 5x multiple
  • 3 winning lines paying a 50x multiple
  • 4 winning lines paying a 250x multiple
  • 5 winning lines paying a 1000x multiple
  • 6 and more winning lines paying a 10,000x


What is Evolution Mega Ball?

Mega Ball is a unique and entertaining live game show by Evolution. Bringing together elements of lottery and bingo, players play to complete winning lines on cards from randomly drawn numbered balls. Plus, the bonus multiplier adds the chance of winning a payout multiple up to 1,000,000x!

How much can I win playing Mega Ball?

Winnings in a single game round are limited and may differ between online betting operators. From our general observations the maximum payout is usually limited to R5,000,000. As always, we recommend checking the game limits before playing.

How much does it cost to play Mega Ball?

Cards in the game can usually be bought for as little as R1. You may decide to start with a few cards per game round. Either way, you set your stake value and choose the number of cards in play. Also be sure to check the other applicable limits with your chosen bookie before playing.

Live Mega Ball bonus multiplier
Live Mega Ball draw
Live Mega Ball paytable

Mega Ball – Game Review Summary

The studio design, live dealer and music combination creates the perfect blend in setting the mood for the game. That together with the straightforward game play and fast paced game rounds makes for an all-round fun experience. Including heaps of anticipation and a multiplier bonus in every round, this game comes highly recommended for some serious entertainment.

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