Betgames Speedy 7 game review

Speedy 7 Betgames Review

Betgames Speedy 7 is a live dealer card game created by The game is very simple in that players predict the colour of the next card being dealt, red or black. Each game round plays with the dealer dealing 7 face up cards and a round of betting before each deal. Players can join or leave Speedy 7 at any time during the seven-card deal. If you manage to get 4 or 7 consecutive correct predictions, you qualify for bonus wins. Game rounds are consistently taking place every few minutes in any 24-hour period.

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How to play Speedy 7

Each game round starts with a freshly shuffled standard 52 card deck. The card deck is combined and re-shuffled by an automated card shuffler after every game round. The game is generally played with 2 card decks in constant rotation, although a total of 6 decks are available. While the one deck is in play, the other is being shuffled. The dealer places the card deck in the shoe, ready for the draw, and the first betting round opens.

Placing your bets

Now you make your prediction and place a bet on your desired colour. The first card is then dealt, and the second round of betting starts. The second card is dealt after the betting round and the third betting round opens. This process continues until 7 betting rounds and 7 card deals have taken place. Each Speedy 7 game round lasts approximately 2 minutes. You do not have to wait for a game round to finish before joining. You can join the game mid-way and place your bet before any card being dealt. Likewise, you can decide to leave a game round and cash out your winnings at any time. After each card being dealt, the chances of that same colour being dealt next would decrease. Hence, the odds for each betting option also changes with each card being dealt.

Cash out or start a winning streak

At the conclusion of every betting round, you have the option to cash out any winnings. Not cashing out carries the winnings over to the next betting round as part of the lucky streak. Be careful though. The streak ending on a losing bet, will also see those accumulated winnings being lost. On the upside carrying over your winnings could see you win a bonus payout.

Bonus payout

Betgames Speedy 7 includes two bonus winning opportunities. To qualify for a bonus win, a player has to achieve a lucky streak during any game round. The lucky streak starts on a consecutive win after the first betting round and ends after the seventh betting round. Therefore, a lucky streak cannot carry over from one game round to another. A lucky streak also ends when a player chooses to cash out during the game round. Additionally, a losing bet ends a lucky streak and results in all accumulated winnings being lost.

  • 4-card streak bonus – a bonus win on the first bet for achieving four consecutive wins.
  • 7-card streak bonus – a bonus win for achieving seven consecutive wins. The bonus amount is a fixed odds value applied to the first bet. The fixed odds value is decided by the betting operator and may differ from one bookie to another.

Betgames Speedy 7 FAQ

What is Speedy 7?

Speedy 7 is a very simple and fast live dealer card game. The objective being for the player to correctly guess the colour of the next card to be dealt. The game is created by and plays with the help of live dealers.

Where can I play Speedy 7 in South Africa?

Speedy 7 and other Betgames can be played with several online betting sites in South Africa. Simply choose a bookie offering Betgames, login to your account or create a new one and you’re ready to go.

What is the minimum and maximum bet amount on Betgames Speedy 7?

Betting limits are set by each bookie and so may differ from one online betting site to another. That being said, we have generally seen minimum bets from as little as R1 up to a R1,000 maximum.

How many betting rounds does Betgames Speedy 7 have?

Each Speedy 7 game round consists of 7 betting rounds, one for each card being dealt. Players can start playing or cash out during any betting round, although bonus qualification has some special conditions.

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Betgames Speedy 7 betting options
Betgames Speedy 7 cards

Speedy 7 – Game Review Summary

We like the simplicity together with the anticipation that Speedy 7 brings. With a new game round starting every 2 minutes, you too can enjoy the non-stop action from virtually anywhere. And since games are played around the clock, you can join in the betting action at any time. Whether you are up for a quick bet or go after a lucky streak bonus, do give Speedy 7 a try.

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