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1 November 2022 |

Provider of live games TVBET have launched on Hollywoodbets. TVBET offers some of the world’s most exciting and innovative odds-based games for integration. TVBET products with betting mechanics are presented on more than 300 websites around the world.

TV BET on Hollywoodbets is a newcomer with this sport book. Hollywoodbets are always leading the way with new and exciting games and TV BET is no different. These new TV BET Games on Hollywoodbets have a very similar look and feel to BetGames. BetGames have the very popular Lucky 6, Dice Duel, Bet On Poker and Wheel of Fortune with many more. In this article we will look at the TV BET Games available and what they are. Then you can decide whether they are worth while to give a chance.

How to access TV BET Games on Hollywoodbets

Follow these easy steps to access TV BET on HB:

  • Firstly, head over to Hollywoodbets and create an account or login to your existing account
  • Click on TV BET on the left side of the screen below Jika Sport
  • Then choose from one of the 13 TV BET Games and start playing!

TV BET Games

Herewith the tvbet Hollywoodbets Games available for your fun and excitement are:

  • War Of Elements: A game in which the player has to predict which card will be higher in the duel – player or the dealer. A draw is also possible.
  • 5 Bet: 5 lottery balls are randomly selected in the process of mixing 36 lottery balls. Guess which numbered balls will fall out. The possible winnings are greater the more numbers the player chooses for the bet.
  • 7 Bet: The lottery drum randomly determines 7 winning balls out of 42. The player must select the number of lottery balls and the numbers on which you want to bet. The more you select the greater the win may be.
  • Keno: It is a game of 80 numbered balls, 20 balls randomly drop out. Guess which lottery balls will fall out and the win depends on the number of chosen and guessed numbers. Fun with tvbet hb!
  • 1Bet: 1 of 37 lottery balls drops in this game. Numbers and colours of the lottery balls correspond to the European roulette.
  • Teen Patti: This is an Indian card game that translates as “Three Cards”. Known as Indian Poker or Flash as well. Teen Patti uses a standard 52-card deck. Once shuffled the host opens one card for each of the players, until each player has 3 cards. The aim of the game is to collect a stronger combination than your competition.
  • Lucky 6: Guess 6 numbers of the drawn numbers as early as possible in the draw.
  • Fruit Race: A unique game that combines the mechanics of a lottery and a race. So the outcome of the draws is determined at random by a lotto machine. Therefore your win is determined by the number if fruit matches.

More TV BET Hollywoodbets Games

  • Andar Bahar: This is an easy, interesting and unique Indian game. The goal is to guess on which side, Andar or Bahar, will be a card, that by its value will coincide with a central card, which is called “Joker”.
  • Joker Bet: In this game you guess the next card from the deck as well as how quickly the Joker will drop out.
  • Black Jack: This is one of the most famous and popular card games in the world.
  • Wheel Bet: The game combines the principles of Wheel of Fortune and American Roulette. Place your bet on the sector that the pointer will indicate after the wheel spin stops. Excitement with TV BET Hollywoodbets!
  • Poker Bet: This game is according to the rules of Texas Hold’em poker with 6 virtual players at the table. So it consists of four rounds namely preflop, flop, turn and river. Therefore place your bets on the players whose combination will be higher.


TV BET offers games which are unique in its kind and offer betting fun to players. With Hollywoodbets there is a nice variety of games to choose from depending on your betting preference. Thus from casino table games to lottery draws, something for all.

Besides these low-data games are perfect for betting on your phone! New rounds start around every minute or so which means you do not have to wait around for to long be in the action. Therefore there is non-stop playing action to enjoy anywhere, anytime! While you are in the game there is an info button to assist you.

So why not pop over to the new TV BET Games on Hollywoodbets and take your winning chance. In short, there are various lotteries and table games to tickle your fancy. Have a read through our Hollywoodbets Review for more exciting offers from HB!

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