Slotteries – new to LottoStar

18 January 2024 |

LottoStar is not just your standard betting and games site. This bookie tries to keep its players entertained with a variety of innovations and special games.

Now LottoStar has added a new section, called Slotteries. Below we explain you what Slotteries are and explore the available titles in more details.

Slotteries – the Fusion of Lotteries and Slots

When we fist saw the Slotteries section on the LottoStar site we thought it might be a typo. But then we explored this section more and the name made sense. Slotteries are a unique blend of traditional lotteries and reel rush slot games and therefore offer an entertaining experience to players.

LottoStar has developed these games in partnership with Habanero, who is the developer of many popular slots such as Hot Hot Fruit or Wealth Inn. We have to say it could be a winning combination!

The mechanics of LottoStar Slotteries are designed to be easy and accessible for players of all levels. In all honesty, these games are slots with lotto balls at the low win symbols.

Once the reels come to a stop, the combination displayed on the reels determines your win. Each game has wild as well as scatter symbols and also a free games feature. As you are used to from other Habanero slot titles all Slotteries are visually appealing and offer a highly engaging gaming experience that goes beyond the conventional games format.

One of the key attractions of LottoStar Slotteries is the potential for colossal jackpots – up to R10 Million. Furthermore LottoStar has amended its Reel Jackpot Race and now also offer Reel Jackpot Race: Slotteries Edition. Then these games are part of the weekly jackpot race. Check the LottoStar promotions page for the next one and slot your way to a share of R250,000.

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Available Slotteries

At the moment LottoStar offers you 10 Slotteries:

  • Oz Express
  • Mega Millions Supreme
  • UK Lotteries Plus
  • Set Forever
  • Royal Macao
  • Africa Millions
  • Gold Rush Millions
  • Rapid SuperEna
  • Euro Millions Deluxe
  • Mega Sena Plus

Each title has its own unique theme and therefore enticing features including multipliers, wilds as well as scatter.

To play them, click on the Slottery section in the menu, then pick your favourite title. You might want to try for example:

  1. Oz Express: Embark on a magical journey down the yellow brick road with Oz Express. This slottery enchants players with its whimsical theme inspired by the classic tale. Every spin could lead to an unforgettable adventure and a big payout.
  2. Africa Millions: Immerse yourself in the beauty and mystique of the African continent with Africa Millions. This slottery not only offers a visual feast with its vibrant theme but also introduces players to extraordinary payouts.
  3. Gold Rush Millions: Join the gold rush and strike it rich in the virtual gold mines of Gold Rush Millions. This slottery captures the thrill of the hunt for precious metals, promising players the chance to uncover big wins.
  4. Rapid SuperEna: For those craving a touch of European flair, Rapid SuperEna brings the excitement of the Italian SuperEna lottery to the slottery selection. Italian charm meets big payouts

Play these brand-new titles at LottoStar for you chance to win a payout of up to R10 Million!

Ready to win up to R10 Million?

LottoStar Slotteries have successfully blended the allure of lotteries with the excitement of slot machines, creating a unique and furthermore thrilling gaming experience. With the potential for life-changing payouts, coupled with the accessibility of online play and a diverse array of games, LottoStar Slotteries stand out as an exciting and innovative option for those seeking both luck and entertainment. Select your favorite games, spin the reels, and embark on a journey where every spin could be the key to unlocking substantial riches. The world of LottoStar Slotteries awaits – are you ready to spin and win?

Alongside the new Slotteries games you can also enjoy 10 new lotteries:

  • US Powerball Max
  • Argentinian Express
  • Mexican Millions
  • Mzansis Millions
  • Spanish Bonanza
  • Japanese Surpres
  • Oz Powaball
  • Chile Grande
  • Hong Kong King
  • Indian Instant

Enjoy a worldwide lottery adventure with these new lotteries. For each you can tailor your experience by choosing your preferred numbers as well as bet levels. That is to say, higher bets mean bigger payouts. So start predicting the winning numbers and aim for the max. payout of R10 Million! At it’s possible to win! On 8 March 2024 LottoStar announced the first ever SlotPot win on Royal Macao! That’s an overall R10 Million for one lucky winner!

R25 FreeSign Up Offer
Great legal lotto bookmaker with huge variety of additional instant win games and big payouts.
  • Reel Rush Slots, Live Games and more
  • Big variety of Lotteries with massive payouts!
  • Plenty of payment options

While Slotteries are currently unique to LottoStar these games could be a real winner. Therefore we might see similar games on other betting sites such as Hollywoodbets or others soon.

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