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23 February 2022 |

Are you one of millions of people worldwide who wake up every morning thinking about a 5 letter word? Then you might be one of the many playing Wordle. has just launched its own free-to-play word game, based on the popular Wordle game, called Scoredle.

How to play Scoredly

Betcoza’s Scoredle game is free to play for all South Africans with an interest in sports betting. You don’t even need to have an account to play. Simply click here and you can enjoy Scoredle.

Aim of Scoredle

As you might be used to from Wordle the aim of Scoredle is to correctly guess a 5 letter word. As is a bookmaker the wanted word is related to sports or sports betting. It could even be a famous sportspersonality. Some 5 letter sports word are for example score, rugby, balls or rally.


You have 6 chances to guess the wanted Scoredle word correctly. After each guess you get some clues which show you how close your guess was.

  • If a letter is highlighted in green, then this letter is in the word and in the correct spot.
  • If a letter is highlighted in yellow, this indicates that the letter is in the word but in the wrong position.
  • Is a letter coloured grey then this shows you that this letter is not part of the wanted word.

These hints should help you to get to the correct Scoredle word within your 6 tries.


If you guess the 5 letter word correctly within your 6 chances then you will unlock a unique bonus code, valid on your next deposit. So if you are looking to boost your next deposit you should definitely give Scroredle a try beforehand.

Play Scoredle at

100% Bonusup to R5000
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All terms and conditions of the Scoredle Sports Word Game are displayed on the promotions page. The main T&Cs are also covered below:

  • You have 6 tries to guess a 5 letter word.
  • If you guess correcly you will then unlock a special deposit code.
  • The unlocked bonus code is unique to you and not transferrable.
  • The bonus is valid on for Bet Vegas and also sports betting.
  • All unique bonus codes come with seperate bonus terms, including wagering requirements, cashout conditions and maximum winning cap.
  • Don’t share you correct Scoredle guess with others as it would ruin their fun playing.

Wordle – the original

Scoredle is’s version of Wordle. For all of you who haven’t heard about the Wordle game before, here is some background information.

In October 2021 Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn, released Wordle, a word guessing game. From originally 90 players this game has conquered the world and now millions of players try to solve the daily word puzzle. In January 2022 the Wordle game has been bought by The New York Times company for a low 7 figure amount. Wordle is simple and fun – and so is Scoredle. has revamped its offering so much over the past months. With Scoredle this bookmaker really proves that is it one of the most innovative betting sites in South Africa.

Some tips to play Scoredle

  • Choosing your first word is quite important. Therefore, many players start with 3 vowels and 5 different letters, such as CANOE.
  • Avoid reusing grey letters. The keyboard at the bottom of the Scoredle game highlights letters in green, yellow and grey. Grey coloured letters are not in the word so using them again in another guess is a waste.
  • Letters can appear twice which adds a special twist. One of the past Scoredle words has for example been RALLY.

Get started with Scoredle! We love this little side game by While you don’t need an account to play, you will then need one to use your unique deposit bonus. If you don’t have an account yet, register your account here. Our detailed betcoza account guide gives you additional info on how to register and login if needed. Also have a read through our detailed review so you know everything this fabulous betting site has to offer online.

100% Bonusup to R5000
"Betting made simple"! brings you the best online betting options across a varied range of sporting events and markets
  • Exclusive Power Bet Bonus
  • Great features, including Cashout and Bet Builder
  • Bet Vegas Live Games

Scoredle FAQ

What is Scoredle?

Scoredle is’s very own version of the popular wordle game. It is free to play for all and can only be accessed via Scoredle landingpage.

What is the aim of Scoredle?

As with Wordle you need to guess a 5 letter word within 6 tries. While in Wordle the words can be from evey category,’s Scoredle game is themed around sports and sports betting.

Where can I play Scoredle?

This brand-new and moreover free to play game can be accessed online via a special page on the website.

Play Scoredle at

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