Loyalty Program

29 March 2024 |

Sports betting and casino brand understands the value of loyalty among its players. Hence, they’ve introduced an innovative Loyalty Program, aimed at rewarding players for their continued engagement.

At the heart of the Loyalty Program lies a simple premise: the more you play, the more you get. From the moment you register at and play you are part of the Play community and rewards system. Loyalty Program Details

Every new players starts in Tier 1 (Bronze) and can then move up to other tiers from there.

How it works

As you play the wide variety of slots and furthermore live casino games you collect loyalty points. The following gameplay will bring you points:

  • Slots: at you have a huge selection of slot games right at your fingertips. Hundreds of titles by well-known providers are available including 777 Strike, Gates of Olympus and Dead or Alive. Even better, every spin on any slot game can bring you points.
  • Selected Live Dealer Games, including various blackjack titles. It’s important to note that bets on roulette as well as baccarat will not bring you points.

The more loyalty points you accumulate, the bigger your overall rewards. The Loyalty Program is a dynamic system that aims to recognise and reward active players for their overall commitment.

Loyalty Wheel

One of the first perks of accumulating loyalty points is the ability to unlock spins on the platform’s exclusive Loyalty Wheel. This feature adds an element of anticipation and overall excitement, each spin at the wheel can bring you an instant reward. The prizes at the wheel are depending on your loyalty level. Hence, the higher up the loyalty tiers you are the better the rewards get.

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However, the Loyalty Program is not just about earning points; it’s about progression and advancement. Depending on your betting activity you ascend through various Loyalty Tier Levels. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits and furthermore privileges. From Bronze to Diamond, there’s a tier for every level of commitment, each accompanied by a host of enticing rewards.

Bronze – Tier 1:

  • Cash Prizes: R2 – R100
  • Entry Prizes: 1 – 5
  • Cashback: 5%, up to R2000
  • Withdrawal Limit: R5000

Silver – Tier 2:

  • Cash Prizes: R5 – R250
  • Entry Prizes: 2 – 10
  • Cashback: 7.5%, up to R4000
  • Withdrawal Limit: R10000

Gold – Tier 3 of the Loyalty Program

  • Cash Prizes: R25 – R1250
  • Entry Prizes: 3 – 25
  • Cashback: 10%, up to R6000
  • Withdrawal Limit: R25000

Platinum – Tier 4

  • Cash Prizes: R75 – R3750
  • Entry Prizes: 4 – 50
  • Cashback: 12.5%, up to R8000
  • Withdrawal Limit: R75000

DiamondTier 5

  • Cash Prizes: R250 – R12500
  • Entry Prizes: 5 – 100
  • Cashback: 15%, up to R10000
  • Withdrawal Limit: R100000 Loyalty Draws

That’s not all. wants to give back to its loyal players and hence there are also additional Loyalty Draws. These are designed to reward dedication and engagement in the most thrilling way possible.

Participating in the Loyalty Draws is simple. All you need are Draw Entries, and there are 2 ways to collect them. Firstly, you can get them through the Daily Chests. Each time you claim your Daily Chest, you’ll not only receive exciting rewards but also earn valuable Draw Entries. Secondly, every spin on our Loyalty Wheel brings you closer to securing more Draw Entries, amplifying your chances of winning big.

With each Draw Entry the overall pot size grows, a bit like with progressive jackpots. The more Draw Entries you have, the greater your chance of claiming a share of the prize pool. It’s a dynamic system that rewards both participation and persistence, putting the power of winning in your hands.

When it comes to payouts, then there is a simple formula. The number of lucky winners is directly proportional to the size of the pot. So, as more players contribute Draw Entries, the prize pool expands, creating more opportunities for everyone to walk away with a thrilling win.

So don’t miss to mark your calendars because the Weekly Loyalty Draw happens every Friday at 8pm.

Loyalty pays at

In summary, the Loyalty Program stands as a testament to the platform’s dedication to player satisfaction and engagement. By rewarding loyalty and at the same time fostering a sense of progression, it can transform your gaming experience into a journey filled with excitement and rewards.

That is to say, there’s something to be gained from every spin, every bet and every level achieved. Dive into the world of and start unlocking the rewards that wait!

up to R9000in Deposit Match Bonuses
Enjoy Vegas right at your fingertips! offers online casino and sports betting entertainment.
  • Welcome Bonus Bundle
  • Modern Vegas Casino look
  • Slots, Live Games & Betgames

At the Bronze level, you are initially welcomed with a taste of the rewards to come, including free spins on the Loyalty Wheel on top of your welcome bonus. As you earn more points you climb higher, reaching Silver, Gold, Platinum, and maybe ultimately even Diamond level. Then the rewards become increasingly more substantial. Prizes of varying values, enhanced cashback awards and moreover additional exclusive perks await.

While loyalty programs are rewards please always remember to play responsible. Also read through the full terms and conditions of’s loyalty program.

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