Mo-china Fafi

15 February 2021 | ,

Fafi, also known as Mo-china or Mo-china Fafi originated from South Africa’s Chinese community living in townships and has made its way to online betting sites such as Supabets.

While some of us pick our lucky numbers based on dates with personal importance like birthdays or anniversaries a lot of people are lead by their dreams. The below Mo-china Fafi guide can help you to interpret your dreams and hence might bring you luck when betting at Supabets. Therefore, moving forward you do not need to pick numbers randomly any longer but can be guided by your recent dreams.

Whether you believe in the meaning and importance of dreams or not – Mo china Fafi is fun and very easy to play.

How to play Fafi

FaFi is a classic lotto draw game. In each Mochina Fafi game one lucky number is hence selected randomly out of a certain amount of available numbers.

To play Mo-china at Supabets follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly register and/or log into your Supabets Account
  2. Then select Mo-CHINA (FAFI) from the menu
  3. Afterwards choose the number you want to bet on manually or use the ‘Quick Pick’ option
  4. Decide on your stake and then enter it into the bet slip/coupon
  5. Lastly, confirm your bet

At Supabets you can bet on one number from as little as R1 with odds of 33/1. To help you make your decision hot as well as cold numbers are displayed alongside the past result.

The aim of the game is to pick the correct number between 1 and 36. As per the Fafi Dream Guide the 36 numbers are associated with different symbols and meanings. So whatever you dreamed about last night the below Mochina Fafi lucky numbers dream guide might help you to translate it and pick your lucky number:

Mo-china numbers and meaning

1KingHuman blood, white man, left eye
2MonkeyNative, spirit chief, copper money, jockey
3Sea WaterAccident, frog, sex, sailor
4Dead ManTurkey, small fortune, bed
5TigerFight, strong man
6Ox BloodGentleman, milk
7LionThief, big stick, chickens
8PigDrunken man, loafer, fat man, Chinese king
9MoonBaby, hole, owl, devil, anything round, pumpkin
10EggsTrain, boat, grave, anything oval
11CarriageWood, tree, furniture, bicycle, flowers
12Dead WomanDucks, small fire, Chinese Queen
13Big FishGhosts, spirits
14Old WomanFox, detective, nurse, native woman
15Bad WomanProstitute, canary, white house, small knife
16Small HouseCoffin, pigeon, letter, young woman, paper money
17Diamond WomanQueen, pearls, diamonds, star, worms, white woman
18Silver MoneyServant girl, right eye, butterfly, hook, rain
19Little GirlSmoke, bread, big bird, left hand
20CatHankerchief, body, music, minister, naked woman
21Old ManStranger, fisherman, knife, elephant, nose, teeth
22BatsMotor car, big ship, left foot, shoes
23HorseDoctor, head, hair, crown
24MouthWild cat, vixen, lioness, purse
25Big HouseChurch, boxer, hospital
26BeesBig crown, bad man, big bush, geeral funeral, mad man
27DogPoliceman, newborn baby, medicines, sad news
28SardinesSmall fish, thief, night, foot, sulemene, surprise, small baby
29Small WaterCoffin, rain, tears, big knife, right hand
30FowlGraveyard, Indian, threat, forest
31Big FireBishop, excitement, guinea fowl, fig, big spirit, woman, feathers
32Gold MoneyDirty woman, snake
33Little BoySpider
34MeatHuman dung, anything dirty, sick woman, honey, cripple, tramp
35ClothesSheep, big hole, big grave
36ShrimpStick, admiral, gun, cigar

Play at Supabets

Supabets is currently the only bookmaker who offers a dedicated Mo-china Fafi lotto draw. The draws are scheduled to play 6 times a day at 00:00, 03:25, 15:30, 17:30, 20:00, and 22:00. You can also find the Mo-china Fafi results on the Supabet’s site for today’s and some past draws.

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If you want your dream of winning a lottery come true then dream lucky numbers betting might be right up your alley. Hence, give Mochina Fafi a go – we cross our fingers that you assigned your dream to the right number.

About Supabets

The Supabets Gaming Group was founded in 2008 and since then offers betting excellence for South African players. It features a varied sports betting offering with especially great odds on soccer. In addition, you can bet on various games including live dealer casino games, Betgames, instant slots games, keno as well as lucky numbers (called Supanumbers). Supabets is always looking for new and innovative ways to entertain its loyal customer base. So whether or not you have an account with Supabets yet we definitely recommend getting one and visiting the site regularly.

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