How to identify safe websites for online betting

7 September 2020 | ,

We have quite thoroughly covered safety in online betting in different articles. The truth is that there are several factors that contribute to you having a safe betting experience. Right through from the betting site having a betting license to you taking certain precautions to limit your own risk. South African betting sites licensed by a Provincial Licensing Authority will have a good combination of these safeguards in place. Let us look at what we consider to be the three most important aspects to identify safe websites for online betting.

1. A valid and current betting license

Gambling and betting regulation exists to protect consumers and to prevent crime. Accordingly, even before registering an account, check that you are doing so on a licensed website. This is by far the most important aspect of safety and the first step in how to identify safe websites. You will usually be able to see on the homepage of the site whether it has a license. Look for either a logo or textual reference to a Provincial Licensing Authority. Some sites will also include the official license number or a link to the digital version of the license. The information may also be included in the Terms and Conditions or About Us sections of the website. If you cannot find this information on the website, get in touch with the support team and ask. No indication of a valid South African betting license for the website? Stay away!

Why is it important for a betting site to be licensed in South Africa?

Quite simply, the laws in South Africa are specific to its residents and citizens. Gambling regulations are a set of rules that betting operators have to abide by and are in place for your protection. These ensure the due identification of customers and prevent financial crime. Additionally, the rules guarantee safe betting according to the South African betting law. Betting on a site that is not licensed in South Africa can have dire consequences. You will not be paid your winnings and you may be liable for prosecution. If the site refuses to pay your winnings, you will also have no official channels to handle your dispute.

2. An established positive reputation

Our number two but equally important point on how to identify safe websites for online betting. Reputation is important since it reflects on the dealings of a betting site with other customers. These customers would in turn reflect on the experience they have had with the betting site. If the experience is generally positive, this will help secure additional business for the betting site. It is therefore in the interest of any business to build a positive reputation. Doing this takes time and it helps being well established. Having retail outlets is a great example. Retail outlets would find it hard to exist without a regular and loyal customer base. A positive experience would ensure returning customers and will allow the operator to expand over time. Nowadays, expansion to the internet is a very natural step. Ideally, the operator will carry these values over to the online betting site.

3. Technical security and how to check that a website is secure

To bet online you have to provide sensitive personal and financial information. It is extremely important for the betting operator to protect your valuable information. A modern standard in doing so is using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt information transferred over the internet. This is to ensure that your information cannot be intercepted by a third party. Before you enter your personal information on a website, first check that SSL is enabled. A padlock symbol next to the website address will indicate this. If you do not see the padlock, do not proceed. The website you are trying to access may have been compromised or simply does not employ good enough security. The bottom line is, you cannot be sure that your sensitive information will be safe. Seeing the padlock symbol on the other hand, is a green light to proceed.

All systems go

At we have made sure that all operators listed on our website are safe for you to bet with. They have a South African license and hence comply with required safety standards . We have also compiled a list of the safest online betting sites to make your search even easier. Have a browse and decide with a little more confidence.

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