Birdies 4 Rhinos

7 July 2023 | ,

“Birdies for Rhinos” is a conservation initiative that combines the sport of golf with efforts to protect and preserve rhinoceros populations. The concept is based on the idea of raising funds and awareness for rhino conservation through golf-related activities.

So let us have a closer look at Birdies 4 Rhinos, who created this initiative and how to get involved.


The European Tour player Justin Walters and Dean Burmester founded the organisation Birdies 4 Rhinos as a way to give back. And also contribute to the cause of saving these magnificent animals for the enjoyment of future generations.

Therefore by making donations for each birdie they produce throughout the season, they generate money to assist in the protection of this endangered species from poachers.

The golfers were able to raise more than R140,000 in the first year, and this year will be much more. More athletes, most recently the Olympic and US Open winner Justin Rose. Have been invited by Justin and Dean to join them in raising money for this deserving cause.

Players Involved in Birdies 4 Rhinos

Here we list the current golfers involved with Birdies 4 Rhinos. As you will see there are plenty of big names who support this cause. Some have also been out in the field to see conservation measures in action. Saving Rhinos one birdie at a time!

  • Dean Burmester (Founder)
  • Justin Walters (Founder)
  • Justin Rose
  • Ryan Fox
  • Chris Paisley
  • Richard Bland
  • Stacey Bregman
  • Nicole Garcia
  • Shaun Norris

Interesting Facts about Rhinos

Just four nations today house the majority of wild African rhinos: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Also many organisations seek to safeguard a number of their natural habitats. This includes Tanzania’s coastline region as well as the Mau-Mara-Serengeti. They mostly wander open savannah and grasslands.

The savannahs of Africa depend heavily on rhinos. These large herbivores spend hours grazing on grasslands, which preserves the vegetation’s structure and promotes new development. This in turn gives other herbivores like elephants, zebras, antelope, and buffalo more food and grazing space.

There are five distinct species of rhinoceros. While you would picture them stumbling through Africa, they can also be found all around Asia. The types include the Black and White rhinos. Which are both found in Africa, and the Sumatran, Javan, and Indian rhinos, also known as greater one-horned rhinos, which are found in Asia’s swamps and tropical woods. They originate from India, Nepal, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia in addition to eastern and southern Africa.

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Birdies 4 Rhinos – Final Words

The main objective of Birdies for Rhinos is to generate financial support for organizations and projects dedicated to saving rhinos from poaching, habitat loss, and other threats.

The name “Birdies for Rhinos” derives from the term “birdie,” which is a scoring term used in golf when a player completes a hole one stroke under par. By connecting birdies, a positive aspect of golf, with rhino conservation, the initiative aims to create a positive association and engage golfers and golfing communities in the conservation cause.

The funds generated through Birdies for Rhinos can be used for various purposes. This includes anti-poaching measures, habitat restoration, community outreach, education programs, and supporting organizations dedicated to rhino conservation.

By joining the popularity and reach of golf with the urgency of rhino conservation, Birdies 4 Rhinos aims to make a significant impact in protecting these magnificent creatures and their habitats.

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