Betway SA20 Promotion

9 January 2023 |

On 14 December 2022 Betway was announced as the title sponsor of the SA20, a new Twenty20 cricket tournament. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Betway has just announced a special promotion.

Are you up to Catch your share of a Million in the Betway SA20 promotion? Read on for all the details on how to join & win.

Betway “Catch A Million”

Catches win cricket matches but you can also catch yourself a share of R1 Million by joining the Betway SA20 action which starts on 10 January 2023 and ends on 11 February 2023. This is also the promotional period of the “Catch A Million 2023 Betway SA20 Cricket Tournament”.


As part of the Betway “Catch A Million” promotion there are various cash prizes available. Furthermore you have the chance to win one of 5 all-expenses paid VIP ticket for the SA20 final.

The daily matchday SA20 promotion prizes include:

  • 1x R10,000 cash prize
  • 100x R200 extra bets prizes

To help you get your hands on the cash on match days we have added you the full match schedule below.

Every bet earns you an entry into the grand draw. The grand prize is 5 pairs of all-expenses paid VIP tickets to the final of the Betway SA20 final at Wanderers on 11 February 2023.

Aside from winning online you can also participate while watching the games live in the stadiums. During all 33 matches you have the chance to win your share of the overall Betway SA20 promotion. It was previously R1 million but Betway has just doubled it to 2 Million Rand. To win you need to make a catch with 1 hand only of the cricket ball hit by a batsman for a “six”. Then you can win the R2 000 000 prize or in case of more than one winner a portion of it. Betway really wants to make the Betway SA20 tournament an exciting one! Furthermore, if you have a valid online account your win is doubled! It really pays to have a Betway account!

How to enter

If you like cricket and betting on it you shouldn’t miss the Betway SA20 promotion “Catch A Million”. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to join in online:

  1. Login into your Betway SA account. If you don’t have an account with Betway yet, you can register one here.
  2. Then opt into the “Catch a Million” promotion on the Betway promotion page
  3. Afterwards place any cash bet on the SA20 games to enter the matchday draw
  4. Moreover every bet gives you one entry to win the grand prize VIP tickets
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Betway SA20 game overview

The below fixture overview might help you join the Betway “Catch A Million” promotion both online as well as in real life:

  • 10.1: MI Cape Town vs Paarl Royals and hence the first day of the SA20 promotion.
  • 11.1: Durban Super Giants vs Joburg Super Giants
  • 12.1: Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Pretoria Capitals
  • 13.1: Paarl Royals vs Joburg Super Kings and also MI Cape Town vs Durban Super Giants
  • 14.1: Pretoria Capitals vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape and
    MI Cape Town vs Durban Super Giants
  • 15.1: Durban Super Giants vs Paarl Royals
  • 16.1: Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs MI Cape Town
  • 17.1: Paarl Royals vs Durban Super Giants as well as
    Joburg Super Kings vs Pretoria Capitals
  • 18.1: MI Cape Town vs Sunrisers Cape Town and also
    Pretoria Capitals vs Joburg Super Kings
  • 19.1: Paarl Royals vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape
  • 20.1: Durban Super Giants vs Pretoria Capitals
  • 21.1: Paarl Royals vs MI Cape Town and
    Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Joburg Super Kings
  • 22.1: Paarl Royals vs Pretoria Capitals ) and also
    Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Durban Super Giants
  • 23.1: MI Cape Town vs Pretoria Capitals
  • 24.1: Sunrisers Eastern Cape v Paarl Royals,
    Joburg Super Kings vs Durban Super Giants
  • 2.2: Durban Super Giants vs MI Cape Town
  • 3.2: Joburg Super Kings vs Paarl Royals as well as
    Durban Super Giants vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape
  • 4.2: Pretoria Capitals vs MI Cape Town
  • 5.2: Joburg Super Kings vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape and also
    Pretoria Capitals vs Durban Super Giants
  • 6.2: Joburg Super Kings vs MI Cape Town
  • 7.2: Pretoria Capitals vs Paarl Royals
  • 8.2: Semi-final 1
  • 9.2: Semi-final 2
  • 11.2: Betway SA20 Final and last day of the promotion

Join the Betway SA20 promotion

Betway is one of the best betting sites in South Africa. With the title sponsorship of the new Betway SA20 league they really show their commitment. It’s easy to be a title sponsor but Betway really puts a lot of effort in. The “Catch A Million” promotion is just one part of Betway’s great cricket offering.

So head over to Betway and familiarise yourself with this SA20 promotion. The tournament kicks off on 10 January 2023. To start getting involved online or on your mobile you need a valid Betway account. Once you have signed up your Betway account you can then bet on the Betway SA20 matches for your chance to win the daily as well as the grand prize VIP tickets. Don’t miss having a look at the Betway Welcome Offers as well as other promotions.

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We are really excited about the Betway SA20 and can’t wait to see which 2 teams will face each other in the final on 11 February 2023. But before that there are 32 exciting matches full of betting opportunity waiting for us.

FAQ Betway SA20 Promotion

What is #betwaysa20 catch a million?

Betway is the title sponsor of the Betway SA20 and has some fantastic promotions both online as well as during the matches in the stadiums. One part is the “Catch a Million” offer. If you attend a Betway SA20 game and manage to make a clean one-handed catch of a 6 then you can win your share of R2,000,000. Plus, if you have a Betway online account beforehand, your win amount will be doubled.

Do I need a valid Betway account for the “Catch a Million” Betway SA20 promotion?

Anyone can attend the #BetwaySA20 games but it can really pay off to have an account with Betway. If you are selected for the “Catch a Million” promotion and manage to make a clean one-handed catch of a 6, then you can not only win your share of R2 million but your winning amount will be doubled.

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