Betway Battle of the Surfaces

23 May 2022 | ,

Over the next few months the tennis excitement is heating up and we have 3 Grand Slam tournaments ahead of us.

While the 2022 French Open is already on the way we can also look forward to Wimbledon and the US Open. If you like watching and betting on tennis then Betway’s Battle of the Surfaces is a great promotion for you.

How Battle of the Surfaces works

The latest Betway promotion is open to all customers with a valid Betway account. If you don’t have an account with Betway yet, click here to register your Betway account.

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Promotional period

The promotion runs from 20 May until 11 September 2022. During this time the following 3 Grand Slam tournaments are on:

  • French Open (22 May – 5 June)
  • Wimbledon (27 June – 10 July)
  • US Open (29 August – 11 September).

Please note, that only bets placed on tennis fixtures as part of these 3 Grand Slam tournaments will count in this competition. Both men’s and women’s matches are considered.

How to participate

To get started and enter Battle of the Surfaces follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Betway account
  2. Create your character: choose your champions and enter your preferred alias
  3. Randomly select an opponent to bet against before placing your tennis bets. You can do this daily and hence earn more leaderboard points.
  4. Place bets of R10+ on any men’s or women’s Grand Slam tournaments match
  5. With every bet you will collect points. The more bets, the more points and therefore the higher on the leaderboard you will climb.

Battle of the Surfaces Points

Throughout Betway Battle of the Surfaces you need to collect points to climb the leaderboard. You collect points the following way:

  • 1 point will be awarded for every bet of R10 or more on any match in any of the Grand Slam tournaments. Bets are cumulative. For example, a bet of R10 brings you 1 point while a R100 bet gives 10 points. Points will be earned for every bet placed.
  • For every winning bet you get 2 points.
  • 2 points will be awarded to the players who finish in the top 3 on the Grand Slam leaderboard. These points will be carried over to the next tournament’s leaderboard.
  • Players who earn more points than their opponent at the end of a matchday receive 3 bonus points
  • If you and your opponent earn the same amount of points at the end of the matchday you both get 0.5 points

Battle of the Surfaces prizes

In total R1 million in prizes is up for grabs, split between cash and free bet prizes. The following prizes are available:

  • Matchday Prizes: 100x R100 free bet vouchers are awarded every day throughout each Grand Slam tournament. The first 100 players to beat their opponent each day wins!
  • Grand Slam prize: the top player on the leaderboard after each Grand Slam tournament will win R100000 cash
  • Grand Prize: at the end of the Betway Battle of the Surfaces promotion 1 winner will win an all-expenses paid trip to the 2023 Wimbledon tournament. London is calling for 1 lucky tennis punter! So make sure you create your character and place at least one R10 bet on each of the 3 Grand Slam tournaments. Then your name is in the draw!

Betway Battle of the Surfaces – Final Words

Betway’s Battle of the Surfaces is quite a complex promotion. Hence log into your account and have a look at the dedicated promotion page. Once you have created your character you can see prizes, terms & conditions as well as the leaderboard. If you are into tennis betting you should definitely consider it. Betway always has great odds and winning additional prizes of R1 million are an additional benefit. And you may be flying to London next year to see some Wimbledon tennis action live.

100% Sports Free Betor Casino Games Bonus
One of the world's leading bookmakers with an incredibly vast selection of sports and games.
  • Optimised for mobile + data free offer
  • Generous bonuses and promotions
  • Jika Sports, BetGames, Lucky Numbers

Betway is one of the best SA betting sites and always has great promotions available. For more information have also a look at our detailed Betway review.

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