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12 April 2021 |

Betway is home to a fantastic betting offering. Aside from great odds and markets this bookmakers has a variety of promotions to keep South African punters engaged. One of which is 4 to Score which we look into in more detail.

Betway’s Four to Score is a special promotion around the English Premier League which offers you the chance to win R50,000 every week – for free! Every week all active Betway players get one free entry to correctly predict the first goalscorers of 4 selected matches.

How to play 4 To Score

Betway’s 4 To Score promotion is available to all players with a valid account. If you don’t have an account yet, register your Betway account here. If you are already betting with Betway just log into your account and take part straight away from the 4 to Score promotion page.

4 matches, 4 players, 4 goals

Every week Betway picks 4 fixtures from the English Premier League. Then you need to predict which team will score the first goal and more importantly which player will score. Hence overall you will select 4 players, 1 per fixture. If you think a match will end goalless then select ‘No Goal’. To help you with your prediction all players have a individual rating. If you are unsure or rather want a lucky dip then Betway also offers you a Random Pick button.

Each account holder gets 1 free entry per week. You can unlock up to 4 additional entries by placing bets to the value of R50 for each additional entry. Bets might take up to 24 hours to unlock entries. If you qualify for more than 1 entry make sure you use them as they do not roll over.

Please double check that you are completely happy with your 4 selected players before submitting as you cannot make changes afterwards. The same applies in case you have selected a player who for whatever reason is not part of the matchteam. Entries are open until 10 minutes before the kick-off of the first eligible match. Therefore, if you want to make sure that a certain player will play, you might want to wait with placing your prediction until closer to kick off.

Prize value

The total prize value starts at R50,000. If there are no winners for a particular round, the prize amount will be rolled over until won. An additional R10,000 is added each week until the maximum prize value of R100,000 is reached. On the 4 To Score results page Betway is listing current and past results and the current check pot value. Each week winners will be notified within 48 hours by phone and/or e-mail. If a winner can’t be reached within 7 days any prize entitlement is voided. Once Betway is able to contact the winner(s) the prize will be credited within 72 hours and can then be withdrawn.


There are a few special rules to keep in mind when playing 4 to Score:

  • If the first goal of a match is an own goal then the second goal of the match will be taken into consideration.
  • In case that two or more players are scoring a first goal in the same minute then all of these players will be considered.
  • If a match is cancelled, the round will be voided and there will be no winners. In case of a match being postponed it needs to be take place within 48 hours of the original kick off time, if not it is voided.
  • In the event that two or more punters predict all 4 first goalscorers correctly the prize will be split equally.
  • Once you have submitted your prediction you can’t amended it. Therefore, if you picked a players that isn’t part of the matchday team your selection is classed as incorrect.
  • Betway uses its own software to determine the exact time of a goal.

For a full overview about the Terms and Conditions visit the 4 To Score promo page.

Betway 4 To Score FAQ

Can I change my already submitted 4 to Score prediction?

Unfortunately, once you have submitted your prediction it cannot be amended.

How often can I participate in the 4 to Score promotion?

You can participate once every week. All players with a valid Betway account will get one free entry while up to 4 additional entries can be unlocked by placing bets of R50 or more.

How much can I will in Betway’s 4 to Score?

Every week Betway is giving away R50,000 in its free 4 to Score promotion. In case of no winners the prize will roll over and an additional R10,000 is added weekly – up to a maximum of R100,000.

How much does 4 to Score cost?

4 To Score is a free game by Betway and every week you get one free entry. If that is not enough for you, you can get 4 additional entries by placing bets of R50 or more for each additional entry.

How are the matches selected?

The Four To Score game focuses on th English Premier League and every week 4 mtaches are randomly selected.

Enter Betway 4 To Score

We love Betway’s 4 To Score game and make use of our free entry every week. So far we haven’t been lucky. But good things come to those that wait and as it is a free promotion it is definitely one we recommend participating. If you are using Betway’s data free site offering then you will be pleased to hear that you can also place your Four To Score predictions in data free mode.

You want to learn more about Betway and its great sports betting and games offering? Then have a read through our detailed Betway bookmaker review. All new players get a R25 free sports betting bonus just for signing up. Additional regular promotions, such as 4 To Score or Money Boost, and special offers are available for all Betway customers.

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Now it is your turn! 4 matches, 4 goals, 4 players – can you predict 4 To Score correctly and bang the R50,000 prize pot?

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