Lightning Dice game review

Lightning Dice Game Review

Lightning Dice, produced by Evolution, is yet another addition to the fantastic Lightning Games series. As a live casino game show, the game is also hosted by a live dealer. It is focussed on a wide range of players although appeals mainly to table games, bingo and slots players. The game plays quite rapidly, with rounds lasting roughly 20 seconds.

Each game round starts with the dealer readying 3 dice to be dropped into the lightning tower. Betting opens simultaneously with players needing to predict the outcome of the dice after these tumbling through the lightning tower. But, as the name ‘Lightning Dice’ suggests, there is more! This incredibly simple game includes the Lightning feature after all, adding just the right amount of excitement with multipliers.

Where can I play Lightning Dice?

While Lightning Dice is available at different online betting sites, we suggest to first try the game at a bookie below. You will receive a free sign up bonus and so limit your risk while trying out this great game.

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How to play Lightning Dice?

Start playing this game by placing bets in line with your dice drop predictions while betting is open. The game is played with 3 standard dice, each with face values of 1 through to 6. You will be betting on the total value of the 3 dice and so 16 betting options are available. Bets can be placed on 1 or more of these betting options. ‘Repeat’, ‘Double’ and ‘Autoplay’ functions are also available for an easier betting experience.

Following the round of betting, lightning strikes the betting board to reveal additional random multipliers on randomly struck betting options.

Dice total betting options and payouts

Lightning Dice is a game of chance and accordingly, different dice outcomes offer different payout multiples. Each payout multiple is decided based on the theoretical chance of the associated dice total appearing. Betting options with the highest payout multiple, have the least chance of appearing and vice versa. Equally, lightning multipliers are limited and applied to each betting option in line with this same concept. The maximum lightning multiplier is 1000x and applies to only 2 of the betting options, 3 and 18. The specific payout for each betting option depends on whether a multiplier applies to it. The standard payout value applies if there is no lightning multiplier.

  • 1 possible combination for dice totals 3 or 18 with a 150x to 1000x payout multiple
  • 3 possible combinations for dice totals 4 or 17 with a 50x to 500x payout multiple
  • 6 possible combinations for dice totals 5 or 16 with a 25x to 250x payout multiple
  • 10 possible combinations for dice totals 6 or 15 with a 15x to 100x payout multiple
  • 15 possible combinations for dice totals 7 or 14 with a 10x to 100x payout multiple
  • 21 possible combinations for dice totals 8 or 13 with a 7x to 50x payout multiple
  • 25 possible combinations for dice totals 9 or 12 with a 6x to 50x payout multiple
  • 27 possible combinations for dice totals 10 or 11 with a 5x to 50x payout multiple

The lightning tower and game result

Following the close of betting, the live dealer pulls a lever to start the Lightning Dice drop. The 3 dice then start tumbling through the lightning tower to determine the result for the specific game round. The lightning tower is a see-through box with several obstacles and ensures a truly random outcome from the dice drop. Lastly the dice come to a stop and the result is the sum of the face-up dice values.

Lightning Dice FAQ

What is Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice is a super fun and simple dice game by Evolution. It is played with 3 standard dice and players bet to predict the outcome of an elaborate dice roll. The game is hosted by a live dealer and features lightning multipliers up to 1000x.

What betting limits apply to Lightning Dice?

Although betting limits might differ from one bookie to another, different maximums also apply to the different betting options. For instance, betting options 3 or 18 with the highest payout multiple offer the lowest maximum bet. We recommend checking the betting limits with the specific bookie you decide to play with.

What is the maximum payout of Lightning Dice?

The maximum payout depends on the maximum bet limits applied and may vary from one operator to another. That said, we have generally seen a maximum payout of R250,000 for this game.

Is Lightning Dice a game of chance?

Yes, and the game is played with 3 dice resulting in different chances for dice combinations to appear. For example, with 27 possible combinations a 10 is far more likely to appear than 3 with a single combination.

Lightning Dice presenter
Lightning Dice tower
Lightning Dice result

Lightning Dice – Game Review Summary

In conclusion Lightning Dice is a fun game packing just the right amount of entertainment for a fast-paced betting experience. It is simple enough to play and has the potential to yield sufficiently high payout results through lightning multipliers. If you like Evolution’s live game shows, be sure to give this game a try.

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