Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live

Double Ball Roulette Live Game Review

Does double the balls really mean double the fun? We played Double Ball Roulette, a live roulette game by Evolution that is unique and innovative in itself. Read our full review to learn more about this roulette version with slightly different odds on familar betting types. Then take your seat at the table and enjoy fast-paced round and thrilling, unforgetable roulette action with double the chance of winning.

Doube Ball Roulette and many other live roulette games are available across many licensed betting sites in South Africa.

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How to Play Double Ball Roulette

In general, Double Ball roulette follows the standard European roulette rules. The wheel features the number 1-36 and 0 (zero). But compared to standard live roulette it is played with 2 balls that are fired into the wheel simultaneously by the machine. The aim of the game is to guess on which numbers the balls will settle on.

With 2 balls you have twice the chance for a correct bet. If both balls land on the same number, then you are in for big payouts.

While the chances of winning are higher this affects the payout ratio and the odds are adjusted. Compared to standard roulette the payouts for inside bets are decreased while the ones for outside bets are increased.

The payouts for Inside Bets are as follows:

Bet TypePayout
Straight Up17:1

Called Bets such as Orphelins or Voisins have the same payouts as inside bets.

For Outside Bets the following paytable applies:

Bet Type Payout
Low (1-18)3:1
High (19-36)3:1
Two balls on any number35:1
Two balls on selected number1300:1

Double Ball Roulette Strategy

Betting inside is fun but the outside bets are the ones where the money is. They are not called Gold Bets for nothing but are only for players who want to follow a high risk – high reward approach.

We like to make use of the lower variance of inside bets and find line bets very attractive. It is one of the safest bets you can place in this live roulette version.

While both balls can land in the same pocket the house edge on this bet is quite high and therefore in our opinion not the best bet to make.

Minimum and maximum bets for Double Ball Roulette are set on bookmaker level. Therefore these can vary but as a general rule of thumb the minimum bet starts usually at R2, up to R10000 on most sites we played on.

Key facts

  • Single zero wheel with numbers from 0-36
  • 2 balls are used which are launched simultaneously by a machine once the dealer pushed the button.
  • To win the double ball jackpot with odds of 1300:1 both balls have to land in the same pocket.
  • Double Ball Roulette has a distinct paytable to accommodate for the 2nd ball:  the chances to win an inside bet are doubled but the payouts are halved while outside bets have halved chances but give double payouts.
  • To win an inside bet only one of the 2 balls has to be successful and land in the correct pocket; in case both are successful you double your winnings.
  • For winning an outside bet both balls must be successful and land in the appropriate area.
  • Outside bets are highlighted in gold and are therefore called Gold Bets.
  • There is no virtual table or table cloth as you are used to from other Live Roulette games. Instead the betting table looks a bit like a computer screen.
  • Multiple camera views and HD live feeds for seamless streaming.
  • The theoretical RTP of Double Ball Roulette is 97.30%.


What is Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette was already very popular in land-based casinos before Evolution turned this roulette game into an live online version.

What is the propability of both balls landing on the same number in Double Ball Roulette?

1/37 * 1/37 = 1/1369 is the mathematical answer. If both balls land in the same pocket of the wheel then you can win the Double Ball Jackpot with odds of 1300:1.

Where can I play Double Ball Roulette online in South Africa?

You can play the game legally on many South African betting sites. See our full review for recomendations and offers.

Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live betting options
Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live game play
Evolution Double Ball Roulette Live game result

Double Ball Roulette – Game Review Summary

Following its great success in landbased casinos Evolution turned Double Ball Roulette into an online roulette version in 20216. As live games are now legally available in South Africa you can now also participate in this refreshing new take on one of the most popular table games ever.

Double the action and double the fun with Double Ball Roulette! It really is an amazing game with an interesting range of bets and some of the best odds available in live roulette games that go up to 1300:1. If you love fast roulette gameplay with more chances of winning in each spin then you will surely love Evolution’s Double Ball Roulette.

As with all Evolution live games Double Ball Roulette works well across all devices. Whether you like playing at home on your desktop or laptop or while being out and about on your smartphone you can enjoy the same seamless gameplay and fantastic atmosphere. The studio design is very eyecatching and the background changes from time to time. We have seen an outer space theme as well as obviously a Vegas strip background. The latter makes you really feel like you play roulette right from Las Vegas itself.

Double Ball Roulette is an exciting live roulette version. We have written games reviews for many more Evolution online roulette variants that you can easily access from our live games section.

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