Evolution Craps Live game review

Craps Live Game Review

Are you looking for the ultimate thrilling entertainment in live casino table games action? Well look no further. Evolution have done it yet again with their latest game release by adding Craps Live to their live dealer portfolio. Another world first in the live casino scene for this game supplier and the game is quite spectacular.

The game is already available to play at several of the best betting sites in South Africa. And if you have been avoiding Craps tables at land-based casinos, we recommend you give this version a try. Craps is not as daunting as it may appear at first. Craps Live also includes a simplified betting grid with fewer betting options and so creates wider appeal to new players. On the other hand, the game is also a great match for more seasoned Craps players.

Where can I play Craps Live?

Released in November 2020, the game is already available to play at most SA licensed online bookies offering Evolution games. Our recommendation is to try the game at one of the following betting sites. As a new player you will get a free sign-up bonus to use on different games.

R30 FREE Sign-up Bonus
R50 FREE Sign-up Bonus
R25 FREE Sign-Up Bonus

How to Play Craps Live?

Shooting the dice

Firstly, the objective in Craps is to predict the outcome of 2 standard casino dice being thrown. The throw of the dice is more commonly known as “shooting the dice”. In land-based Craps the shooting action is carried out by “the shooter”, one of the players around the table. In Craps Live however, this is not possible since players join the game over the internet. And so, the shooting of the dice is made possible by a purpose-built mechanical arm. The live dealer prepares for each next throw by loading the dice into the mechanical arm. This unique solution makes the outcome of every throw completely random, while still staying true to the land-based version of the game.

A brief introduction to betting options

The core focus in Craps Live is on the different betting options to predict the outcome in each throw of the dice. Several possibilities exist with different odds according to the likelihood of each dice combination appearing. Worth noting also is that certain betting options are only available depending on the phase of the game. Mainly 2 types of bets are available in Craps Live, namely One Roll bets and Multi-Roll bets.

  • One Roll bets – where the outcome of a bet is determined after a single throw of the dice. Several easy One Roll bets exist in the game and can be placed at any time. Hence, these bets are a great way for new players to start betting on Craps, without understanding the entire game.
  • Multi-Roll bets – where the outcome of a bet is determined after any number of dice throws. Many easy Multi-Roll bets exist to bring players the thrill of enjoying Craps, for example betting on pairs with the Hardways bet.


Different features have been introduced to the game to enhance the playing experience only Craps Live can offer.

  • My Numbers – with different numbers indicating possible dice totals. Numbers required for a win are shown with associated payouts. This feature updates as bets are placed and it is also possible to place bets from here.
  • Easy Mode – a simplified betting grid with fewer betting options and aimed at players new to Craps. This mode has the Come Out and Point roll betting options removed but includes all One Roll bets. Place to Win and Place to Lose Multi-Roll bets are also included. You can easily switch between the normal and Easy Mode by following on-screen navigation.
  • Tutorial – an interactive quick-learn guide to playing Craps and the different betting options explained.
  • Dynamic Statistics – on screens behind the table indicating Top Numbers and Popular bets. Being a community game, Craps Live would not be complete without also seeing other players’ bets for a particular throw. Hence, this feature gives some insight into what other players are betting on.

Craps Live FAQ

What is Craps Live?

Created by Evolution, Craps Live is the live dealer version of the popular land-based casino game. It is played with 2 dice and players have several betting options to predict the outcome of each roll.

Is it possible to turn off bets or take bets down in Craps Live?

No, unlike in the land-based version of the game, this is not possible. Bets placed remain in play until they are either won or lost.

How many phases exist in a round of Craps?

Each game round includes 2 phases, the come-out and point. Certain bets are only possible during each specific phase, so you may have to wait until the next game round before placing your bets.

How are the dice thrown in Craps Live?

Since there are no actual players around the table, the dice are thrown by a purpose-built mechanical arm. Before each throw, the dice are collected by the live dealer and loaded into the arm.

Evolution Craps Live dealer
Evolution Craps Live dice throw
Evolution Craps Live dice result

Craps Live – Game Review Summary

While we do not claim to be experts at playing Craps, we feel Evolution have met general expectations with Craps Live. The game presents a good opportunity for new players to start playing Craps, while also still catering for more experienced players. Sadly though, players are unable to turn off bets or take bets down, which is possible on land-based tables. As another slight downside, the game also lacks the cheering atmosphere of multiple players around the table. That being said though, the overall playing experience is great in a live dealer setting. We wonder if in future Evolution will also release a dual play version of this game as they have done with Roulette. Nevertheless, do give the game a try in the meantime as it might just be your next favourite.

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