Online Soccer Betting Strategy & Tips

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Online Soccer Betting in South Africa

With over 4 billion fans across the world, it is easy to see why online soccer betting is ranked number 1 when it comes to amount staked each year.

It is estimated that during the 2018 football world cup an $136 million were wagered during the entire tournament.

Everyone bets for the same reason, to win some money. Having a strategy in place can help you achieve this. There are plenty of simple and complex soccer betting strategies available online to learn.

Read on for a few of our favourite soccer betting strategies and tips that could help you beat the bookies.

Value Soccer Betting

As with any strategy, the more data you have on the sport the better the chance of you making a profit.

Value betting is one of the best-known betting strategies. A value bet is a bet where the odds are at least 1/1, as such a 50% probability. So, you have a chance of high profits but also losses. This strategy is not for punters who are looking to make a steady profit over a period.

Using a value betting strategy, you are searching for odds which might be undervalued by the bookie. If you believe the odds are greater than what the bookies are offering you take advantage of them. This strategy requires a lot of research and comparisons with odds offered by different bookies.

An example of value betting is where a bookie offers you odds of 2/1 for a Team A to win. That is a 33.3% probability of Team A winning. If you have done your research and think the probability of Team A winning is around 50% because of their form or historical results, you have identified a good value bet.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets can be both exciting and very profitable. It is also a betting strategy used by many people who are new to online betting.

An accumulator bet, also called an acca or roll-up is where you link several bets on different events or across multiple games into a single bet.

The more bets you link, the higher the potential returns, but the lower the probability of your bets paying out. For an ACCA bet to pay out, all your bets need to be correct.

Different Types of Acca Bets

Double – Two bets, both need to win
Treble – Three bets, all three need to win
Trixie – A Trixie is a collection of bets made up of 3 Double bets and a Treble bet in one. 2 of the 3 bets must win to get paid.
Goliath – A Goliath is made up of eight selections, with each selection combined with the others to create 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfold, 56 fivefold, 28 sixfold, 8 sevenfold and one eightfold accumulator, for a total of 247 accumulator bets.

There are plenty of other acca bet types so be sure to do your research. You wont regret it.

Overs and Unders

Using this strategy is easy and relatively simple and don’t require a lot of time and effort. Overs and Unders is where you are placing a bet or acca bet on the number of goals over or under the goal line.

Although it is not a guaranteed winner, it’s a 50/50 chance and gives you better odds compared to a W/D/W bet where you only have a 1/3 chance of winning.

Online betting strategies should be based on statistics and data. For an Overs and Unders strategy, you would need to know the average number of goals a team has scored or conceded per match during the season both at home and away. When you have totals for both teams playing – with one team playing away and the other at home – you should be able to calculate the average goals that are likely to be scored during the game.


Online football betting in South Africa can be a fun and exciting activity. The number of online sportsbooks has also increased drastically. This gives the new and seasoned punters a good selection of places to bet online.

With bookies all wanting you to bet with them they will offer you extras such as Hollywoodbets who give you access to all past results. This allows you to be more efficient in your strategies. Some sites will also offer you free daily tips when you subscribe to their tips newsletters. Both are great sources of information to help you find the best odds.

Betting on soccer should be fun and although no strategy or tip is ever a guaranteed winner, remember to set yourself a budget to help you manage your spending.

If you are ready to try place your first online soccer bet, why not have a look at our top online soccer betting sites.

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