Guide to the F1 Sprint

21 June 2024 |

Formula 1 (F1) is the pinnacle of motorsport, known for its high-speed racing, cutting-edge technology, and international superstar drivers. It’s a world where precision meets adrenaline, and every second counts. In an effort to inject even more excitement into the race weekend, F1 introduced the Sprint, a short, sharp shootout that sets the grid and spices up the action.

Our beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know about the F1 Sprint. We explain how it has developed, and what it means for the Formula 1 weekend.

What is the F1 Sprint?

The F1 Sprint is a quickfire race that takes place on the Saturday of a Grand Prix weekend. At just 100 kilometers, roughly a third of the distance of a standard race, the Sprint is over in a flash compared to Sunday’s main event. With no mandatory pit stops, it’s a flat-out dash from lights out to chequered flag.

They select courses with excellent overtaking potential for Sprint races! Thus to ensure that the Sprint is an all-out, intense battle from start to finish. The first eight vehicles to finish earn points in a ratio of eight to one. So let have a closer look at what happens at the F1 Sprint in this guide.

What Happens During an F1 Sprint

It all kicks off with Friday’s qualifying session, which determines the starting grid for the Sprint. Come Saturday, drivers line up based on their qualifying times and compete in this high-stakes sprint. The finishing order then sets the grid for Sunday’s Grand Prix, adding a layer of strategy and excitement to the weekend.

The limited Free Practice time and the additional points awarded during a Sprint weekend increase the pressure to get the setup perfect on the first try.

Points Awarded

Performance in the Sprint doesn’t just shape the starting grid; it also comes with points. The top eight finishers score valuable championship points on a scale from 8 to 1, providing an extra incentive to push hard and fight for every position.

F1 Sprint Qualifying

Sprint Qualification is held in the afternoon on Friday. The session has a structure identical to qualifying, with three stages (SQ1, SQ2, and SQ3) lasting 12 minutes, 10 minutes, and only 8 minutes, respectively.

The first qualifying round eliminates the five slowest drivers, and then the second round removes another five, reshuffling the grid places in the Sprint from 20th to 11th.

The remaining 10 drivers decide the top 10 grid positions before Saturday’s Sprint race, with the fastest driver starting at the front of the pack.

2024 Sprint Calendar

While not every race weekend features a Sprint, a selection of events scattered throughout the season adds variety to the calendar. The chosen tracks are often ones that promise wheel-to-wheel action and overtaking opportunities, making each Sprint a must-watch spectacle.

In 2024 six venues will host F1 Sprint Events:

  • China: 19-21 April
  • Miami: 3-5 May
  • Austria: 28-30 June
  • Austin: 18-20 October
  • Brazil: 1-3 November
  • Qatar: 29 November – 1 December

Reasons Behind the Sprint

The F1 Sprint was introduced to shake things up and deliver more action-packed content for fans. More racing means more drama and more chances for teams to score points. However, it’s not held at every race due to logistical challenges and the desire to keep the Sprint special, preserving its status as a highlight rather than the norm.

How the Sprint Influences the Grand Prix

The impact of the Sprint on the Grand Prix is significant. Not only does it determine the starting positions, but it also forces teams to perfect their setups and strategies under pressure. Drivers must balance aggression with caution, knowing that a mistake could jeopardize their entire weekend. It makes for an intriguing precursor to the main event, setting the scene for a thrilling race day.

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