Cricket Betting Strategy & Tips

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Betting on cricket online can be both fun and exciting. Read on for our cricket betting strategy and tips. Know what to look out for if you want to place a cricket bet online.

Online cricket betting is big, both locally and internationally. Betway was recently announced as the official sponsor for the national men’s and woman’s T20 cricket sides. This shows how big betting on cricket is.

Betway is not the only example, Hollywoodbets have long been a main sponsor of both the Kingsmead stadium as well as the Dolphins cricket team in Durban.

Main Types of Cricket Betting Online

There are 4 main betting categories in cricket namely:

  • Match
  • Overs
  • Innings
  • Player

Each of these categories offer a multitude of different bets within and we have decided to compile a short list of our favourite cricket bets under each of these.

Match Betting

Winner – Betting on which of the two teams will win the match. In the longer format of cricket, tests, you can also bet the match ending in a draw.

Most Sixes – Betting on the team to hit the most sizes during their innings.

Which Team Wins the Coin Toss – Placing a bet on the team to win the coin toss before the match starts.

Player to score 50 or 100 runs – This is a bet which can be valid for both sides and applies to entire match. For a player to score 50 runs or more or 100 runs or more.

Dismissals during first X overs – The odds are usually high for a team to take a wicket or more during their opening overs. Most bookies offer good odds for these types of bets.

Overs Betting

Over and Under Betting – Placing a bet on the number of runs scored in a specified over by the team batting will be over or under a specified number.

Innings Betting

Team with Highest Score – The team which scores the highest total of runs over the course of their innings.

Team with Highest Score at First Dismissal – The team which scores the highest total of runs prior to losing their first wicket.

Innings Over and Under Betting – Similar to the over and under betting during a specific over, this bet is placed on the total number of runs being over or under.

Player Betting

Team with Top Bowler – Placing a bet on the team with the player who took the most number of wickets.

Top Batter Team– Betting on the team who will have the top scoring individual during the match.

Team Individual Top Batter – You can also place a bet on a specific individual player within each of the teams to have scored the most runs.

Individual Top Bowler In Team – Placing a bet on a specific individual player within each of the teams to have taken the greatest number of wickets.

Any Player to Score a Milestone – From time to time bookies will offer you a few novelty bets. An example of this where you are betting on any player in the match from either of the teams to achieve a personal milestone. This could be from their highest batting total, best bowling figures or most number of catches to name a few.

Online Cricket Betting Strategy and Tips

We have covered this topic a lot, and although it does not change much, having a cricket betting strategy when it comes to betting is key.

Below are a few key points to consider and include in your betting strategy:

Know and understand the sport you are betting on

People enjoy sport for various reasons. One thing is for sure, people do not watch a sport they do not like. So why bet on a sport you don’t like or watch.

The more information or knowledge you have on a particular sport, the more informed choices you can make. This should lead to better results.

Winners and Losers

Apart from the occasional draw in test cricket, most T20 or ODI matches will have a result. Even these might then be decided by a super over meaning there will be a winner and a loser.

When you bet, you will lose some of your bets. You cannot always win. Expect to lose up to 48% of your bets.

Have a betting Budget

Whether you are betting for fun or to make money. It is key to set yourself a betting budget. Know what you want to spend each month. Also know what you can afford to lose.

There will be times where you are on a losing streak, by having and sticking to your online betting budget will help you mange your spending.

Our #1 betting tip: Do not chase your losses.

Do Your Research

The more you enjoy a sport the more you will want to learn about that sport. The time and effort you put into learning about a sport, respective teams and their strengths and weaknesses, the better you will get at identifying value in bets.

This knowledge (data) will help you be more consistent in making a profit from your bets in the long run.

Cricket Betting Strategy & Tips – Summary

Betting on cricket is just as exciting as a Ram Slam match or the final overs of a hotly contested ODI between South Africa and England at the Wanderers stadium.

Your love of the sport along with knowledge of the game and teams should do you good. All you need now is to shop around for the best cricket odds. Many bookies will offer you online cricket betting but using your knowledge you should be able to easily identify the best value bets.

If you want to know who BetandWin recommends as the top online cricket betting sites in South Africa, why not read our detailed reviews on each of the top bookies.

And remember, winners know when to stop. If you or anyone you know need assistance, please visit the National Responsible Gambling Programme website for more information.

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